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Are you planning on embarking on an RV adventure or do you permanently live in one? Aside from numerous RV camping items you need, one important item we all need and use daily in an RV is camping dishes.

Is it every dish that is suitable for an RV and camping? One important feature we always look out for is dishes that are suitable for microwave use and that’s why we have taken the time to recommend the best dishes for RV camping microwave safe brands.

Who wouldn’t want to savor the taste of a perfectly cooked meal crafted with ingredients that can withstand microwave heat without sacrificing the joy of outdoor living?

I know you want to, joyfully join me as we unravel the secret of durable camping dishes, melamine camping dishes, and the use of regular microwave ovens in an RV.


A typical microwave is not a good fit in a recreational vehicle (RV) because the ordinary or standard microwave oven is not intended to handle the power supply conditions in an RV and has space limits.

We recommend that you choose an RV-specific microwave that is specifically intended for mobile use.


Best Dishes for RV Camping Microwave safe

Microwave safe RV dishes or Microwave safe Camping Dishes are simply dinnerware brands that can be used in the microwave without causing harm to the user or damage to the camping dish.

Below are the best RV and camping dishes that are microwave-safe:


You can’t resist the beauty of the Corelle Vitrelle 78 Piece service for 12 dinnerware set because it is beautifully designed with a white background and reddish lines on the body and around the tips.

Microwave safe Corelle Vitrelle dishes for RV and Camping

The Corelle Vitrelle 78 Piece dinnerware set is a Corelle Livingware pattern that is durable, chip-resistant, lightweight, sturdy, and easy to clean.

This 78-piece Corelle dish is suitable for RV use as it is made up of Vitrelle material which gives it the needed strength to withstand outdoor use without stress.

Instead of buying numerous dishes for your RV or camping trips, we recommend you get the Corelle Vitrelle 78 Piece as it comes with dinner plates, lunch plates, Appetizers plates, cereal bowls with Lids, Condiments, and Quartz serving bowls with Lids.

You can’t go wrong when you use Corelle dishes for camping, they are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, non-porous, and hygienic.

After use, this Corelle dinnerware set which is also suitable for Caravan is stacked quickly with ease.

Finally, we highly recommend this microwave-safe RV Camping dish!


Personally, I am not a fan of plastic dinnerware, so a good alternative to plastic dinnerware sets for RV camping is the Greendish wheat straw dinnerware set, an American-made wheat straw dinnerware.

Wheat Straw Lightweight Microwave safe RV Dish

What’s special about this unbreakable microwave-safe dinnerware set?   First, they are as lightweight as Corelle and a perfect alternative to breakable dishes – no fear for kids and elderly use.

Cleaning is a breeze after use for camp food, a microwave-safe RV dish that won‘t warp, truly your guests and family members will be wowed and their memories kept alive.

One of the best camping, dorm, RV, and outdoor dinnerware that is also perfect for wedding gifts and even household use.

Support the environment by reducing the consumption of plastic, purchasing eco-friendly products, eating safely, and living long!


The Grow Forward wheat straw bowl is also called the best affordable microwave-safe RV camping dish that will give you that unbreakable lightweight feel you have longed for.

Unbreakable microwave safe dishes for RV and camping

It is another unbreakable microwave-safe dish that we recommend not only for outdoor use but also for general kitchen and household use.

Grow Forward microwave-safe camping dish is BPA-FREE, food-safe, and safe from toxins because of the high-quality material used in manufacturing.

Disaster-proof your camping experience with this completely unbreakable dish. No matter the kind of served at the camping ground or prepared in the RV, this unbreakable food-safe microwave dish will always me your needs.

Finally, the material used makes it easy to rinse your food off easily even oily or greasy foods, you can also use a dishwasher without fear of damage.


As we said in the introduction, you will need to pay attention to the type of RV camping dish you decide to use, below are some of the most important qualities to look out for:

Camping Outdoor Dish Set

First, look out for dishes that are labeled “microwave safe” or select a microwave-safe dinnerware material like high-quality ceramic, glass, or Vitrelle tempered glass material in case you need to microwave the food. etc

Ensure that the camping RV dish is of course lightweight, and easily stackable, this will help you to save space, making transportation easy.

Also select easy-to-clean and dishwasher-safe dishes so that after outdoor dining, they are swift to undergo cleaning.

Camping Casual dinnerware set

Since camping involves traveling, you will need durable and sturdy dishes that can withstand the rigors of travel and outdoor use.

Camping dishes should also come in various sizes so they can comfortably accommodate various portions and types of food served.

In addition, camping dishes are made with various materials but one of the most popular camping dish materials is Melamine.

Melamine camping dishes are lightweight, unbreakable, easily stackable, durable, compact, designed with beautiful colors, and are a good alternative to plastic or heavy ceramic dishes.

Since camping is all about sharing Love and having fun, the food served might not be eaten fast, therefore, you should get a camping dish set that has Lids to keep the food from splattering and also preserve the food.

Below are some of the best melamine camping dinnerware sets;


This beautiful melamine camping dinnerware set is made up of blue flower color and has a floral pattern that will add elegance to your outdoor experience.

Melamine Camping Dinnerware set

This camping dish set comes with dinner plates, dessert plates, and salad bowls, FINE & NICE Melamine brand manufactures food-grade melamine materials that are suitable for everyday use, all occasions, and do not contain BPA.

Entertain your outdoor guest with this lightweight, strong Melamine camping dish that is less susceptible to chipping and breakage, unlike heavy ceramic dishes.

These Melamine camping dish sets are sturdy, easily reusable, unbreakable, dishwasher safe, and don’t get marked up by utensils or knives.

One important drawback to note is this: NEVER MICROWAVE this beautiful MELAMINE CAMPING dish, other than this, they remain a camping dish that can serve both indoor and outdoor use with ease!


Elevate all your indoor and outdoor dining with this colorful melamine camping dish that is sturdy, easy to clean, durable, and light to carry around without your hands feeling numb.

Lightweight unbreakable melamine camping dinnerware set

Made with high-quality Melamine material that has passed the US FDA test, this colorful Melamine camping dish stacks great in the cabinet and looks gorgeous on the table.

For seniors or elderly citizens attending your outdoor dining, this camping dish won’t be an issue for them especially if they have arthritis or injuries on their hands, even if it drops, it won’t break easily.

We highly recommend this unbreakable lightweight Melamine camping dish that is also suitable for RV, Picnic, Barbeque, wedding, Christmas, or Party.

Finally, it is not to be used in the Microwave and Oven but is suitable for the Dishwasher (Top Rack).


Melamine is a good choice for camping because the material it is made up of offers a lightweight and durable feature which are essential characteristics for camping dishes.

Secondly, Melamine camping dishes won’t break quickly and easily like glass and they are also lighter in weight than ceramic dishes.

Finally, we recommend you only use melamine camping dishes for serving cold or room-temperate food during camping because there have been reports of melamine leaching chemicals when exposed to hot food or liquids.


When camping, consider foods that are non-perishable, simple to prepare, and need little preparation.

Consider canned products, dried fruits, nuts, energy bars, instant oatmeal, jerky, and peanut butter as examples.

Pack some fresh fruits and vegetables that can last a few days without refrigeration.

Bring goods for quick cooking, such as instant noodles, pre-cooked rice, and foil-wrapped meals that can be heated over a campfire.

Other foods that are suitable for camping are below:

Non-perishable Snacks: Trail mix, nuts, dried fruits, energy bars, granola bars.

Bread or Tortillas: Consider wraps or sandwiches for easy meals.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Apples, oranges, carrots, bell peppers (choose ones that can last without refrigeration).

Cheese: Hard cheeses like cheddar or parmesan can be kept for a while.

Eggs: Pre-crack eggs into a container for easy cooking.

Condiments: Small packets of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and hot sauce.

Cooking Essentials: Olive oil, salt, pepper, and basic spices.

Instant Coffee or Tea Bags: For a quick caffeine fix.

Cereal: Choose ones that can be eaten dry or with powdered milk.

Marshmallows, Chocolate, and Graham Crackers: For classic campfire s’mores.

Canned Fruit: Pineapple, peaches, or fruit cocktail.

Instant Pancake Mix: Just add water for a simple breakfast.

Canned Chili: A hearty and easy-to-heat option.

Couscous or Quinoa: Quick-cooking grains that can be flavored in various ways.

Tuna or Chicken Salad Kits: Pre-made kits that require no refrigeration.

Wraps and Tortillas: Versatile for making wraps or quick quesadillas.

Remember to also bring along sufficient water or a way to purify water from natural sources. And if you plan to cook over a campfire or portable stove, don’t forget your cooking utensils, pots, and pans.

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