Can you put a Toaster oven on top of a Microwave

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Have you ever wished you could free up some precious counter space in your cramped kitchen?

Many households presumably have both a microwave and a toaster oven taking up important space in their homes, which raises the question: can you put a toaster oven on top of a microwave?

The idea of stacking a toaster oven on top of a microwave might sound unconventional, but is this solution truly safe even though some resourceful home cooks have embraced it?

While stacking appliances can be a space-saving hack, it’s not without its potential risks and considerations.

In this article, we’ll explore the viability of stacking a toaster oven on top of a microwave.

We’ll cover crucial safety factors like ventilation, weight limits, and potential hazards.

We’ll also discuss the best practices for achieving a stable and secure setup, as well as alternative options for maximizing counter space.

Whether you’re a space-saving enthusiast or simply curious about this unconventional kitchen hack, this article will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.


Putting things or electronic items on top of a microwave oven is not a good practice for several reasons, as listed below:

Are you aware that when you place electronic items or other objects on your microwave, you obstruct the vents and air flows? Yes, you do! When this happens, the microwave can get easily overheated and could lead to fire hazards.

When you place heavy objects on top of your microwave, you can easily damage the beautiful exterior casing or even the internal components of the microwave.

Electronic Items and objects placed on top of the microwave become hot during operation; this could pose a burn risk, especially if they are flammable or contain liquids that could spill.

Another reason why it is not advisable to stack items/objects on top of your microwave is to have easy and quick access to your microwave.

In summary, microwave manufacturers recommend keeping the top of the microwave clear and leaving adequate clearance space around the appliance for proper ventilation and safe operation.

If you need additional counter space, it’s better to consider alternative storage solutions like a compact, two-tier appliance station, or rearranging your kitchen layout.


can you put a toaster oven on top of a microwave

One of the major reasons why it is not recommended to place a toaster oven on top of a microwave oven is because toaster ovens are quite heavy, they can also generate heat during operation so stacking them on top of each other can lead to excessive heat buildup, leading to fire hazard, causing injury or damage.

Other reasons why it is not advisable to stack a toaster oven on a microwave oven include:

For Microwave ovens and Toaster ovens to function properly, they need ventilation to adequately dissipate heat so when stacked; you obstruct air flow leading to insufficient cooling which is a potential safety hazard.

I have seen where electronic gadgets malfunction due to electromagnetic interference, to prevent this, kindly avoid placing any kind of electronic kitchen equipment like a toaster oven on your microwave oven – this might lead to the erratic behavior of your kitchen gadgets.


The original intent for the manufacturing of the microwave toaster oven combo was for space saving and saving cost.

Think about how wonderful it is to have a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the functions of a microwave oven, toaster oven, and conventional oven – awesome right?

Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

The microwave toaster oven combo can comfortably handle various coking tasks and they include:

Reheating leftover meals, defrosting frozen meals, or cooking and heating various recipes quickly and efficiently.

The convection feature in this combo can bake and roast cakes, cookies, bread, roast meats, or vegetables.

Breville mini smart toaster oven

You can also comfortably toast your bread, bagels, and other baked goods like open-faced sandwiches or melted toppings – Generally, the toaster section is used for toasting and broiling.

Organize your kitchen by eliminating the need to purchase separate appliances for baking, toasting, and microwaving.

Overall, the microwave-toaster oven combo remains one of the most convenient and multi-functional appliances that offer a range of cooking capabilities in a compact and efficient design, making it a popular choice for modern kitchens.


The Toshiba Speedy Convection Toaster Countertop Oven is the best microwave toaster oven combo because it can save your cooking time by up to 33.3%, uses infrared heating technology to provide consistent, optimal performance, and operates silently.

Best microwave toaster oven combo

Do you want to toast, bake, broil, defrost, or reheat? This 10-in-one versatile microwave toaster oven combo can handle all your cooking needs.

The 1700 watts has enough power to swiftly and effectively cook and reheat your meals. Its huge capacity can accommodate approximately six pieces of bread, pizza, casserole dishes, and cookie dishes.

This microwave toaster oven combo’s easy-to-use digital display, simple-to-turn knobs, and non-stick interior for convenient cleaning are just a few more features you’ll adore.

The Toshiba Speedy Convection combo toaster oven comes with everything you need for a tasty supper!


extendable microwave oven rack and toaster shelf

If you have limited room in your kitchen or home, a dedicated shelf comes in useful; all you need is the correct arrangement to comfortably position a toaster oven on the wooden design or material directly above the microwave.

Shelves used to arrange microwave and toaster ovens are typically made of stainless steel or carbon steel, which allows them to support the weight of the microwave and toaster without stress.

shelf for microwave and toaster oven

Some shelves are two-tier or three-tier, one key advantage of using a dedicated shelve to arrange your microwave and toaster oven is that you can prevent overheating and reduce the risk of accidental tipping or falling.

Before purchasing an organizational shelf to place your toaster oven and microwave, you must ensure that they are adjustable, they are easy to install, easy to clean, and sturdy.

Another beautiful feature of this organizational shelf is that they are multifunctional aside from carrying the microwave and toaster oven, this shelf rack can carry your dinnerware, office tools, bathroom items, canned foods, pots, and bedroom accessories.

Microwave rack and shelf toaster tableware storage

For optimal safety and performance, the shelf rack is highly recommended to place the microwave and toaster oven on separate surfaces thereby they both have adequate clearance around them for proper ventilation and ease of use.

If counter space is limited, consider exploring alternative storage solutions you so desire to accommodate both appliances safely.


Growing up, we had a fridge, and on top, we placed our toaster oven, I noticed that whenever we opened and closed the fridge, we had to be careful so the toaster oven wouldn’t fall off the fridge.

Second, I observed that both appliances gave out constant heat which led to the top of the fridge getting damaged having a little dark patch.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you don’t place your toaster oven on your fridge or refrigerator because the heat from the toaster oven could potentially damage the plastic or rubber components of the refrigerator, causing a fire hazard.

Another reason it is not recommended to place a toaster oven on a fridge is because Refrigerators are not designed to support the weight of a toaster oven on top of them.

Placing a heavy appliance like a toaster oven on the refrigerator could cause it to become unstable or even tip over, creating a safety hazard.

You might ask what about other electronic gadgets like the air fryer? Check this article to learn more: Is it safe to place an air fryer on top of a microwave oven?


No, placing a kettle on top of a microwave oven is generally not advisable. The heat generated by the kettle during operation could potentially damage the microwave’s exterior components or even leading a fire hazard in severe cases.

Additionally, microwaves require proper ventilation, and placing a kettle on top may obstruct airflow, leading to overheating issues.

Furthermore, the weight of the kettle could compromise the microwave’s stability, increasing the risk of it toppling over and causing injuries.

It’s recommended to keep the top of the microwave clear and place appliances like kettles on designated, heat-resistant surfaces for optimal safety and performance.

Finally, remember this rule: For a microwave to function properly, you will need a proper and safe electrical connection, but sometimes your socket may be defective, prompting users to wonder if it is safe to use an extension with a microwave oven.

This was covered in another blog post. Please read through to avoid mishaps at home.


No, it is not advised that one place a fruit bowl on top of a microwave oven because this could result in contamination and the growth of hazardous bacteria.

 The heat and moisture produced by the microwave during operation can provide an excellent habitat for bacteria to grow in the fruit bowl, resulting in spoiling and potential food contamination.


It is generally not recommended to stack a convection oven on top of a microwave because the heat generated by the convection oven can potentially damage the microwave’s electronics and exterior components.

Additionally, the weight of the convection oven could put excessive stress on the microwave, risking damage or instability.

For safety and optimal performance, it’s best to place these appliances separately.

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