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I am a fan of the Corelle brand, and I know I am not alone. I’ve loved using Corelle plates for my meals since I was a child, especially for one of my favorite dishes, Pasta Salad or Homemade Chili.

I am a lover of the Corelle brand and I know am not alone in this. Most of us are fully aware that Corelle is known for its light feathered dinnerware sets but does Corelle make glasses?

Corelle users can attest to their durability, versatility, and affordability, and these are the same traits they seek in drinkware, but do Corelle glasses satisfy these standards?

Drinking glasses, like tableware, are essential for every home or occasion, thus they should be given the same priority as dinnerware.

As we delve into the mystery of whether Corelle ventures beyond plates, the answer might just redefine how we perceive the Corelle brand.

Let’s embark on this quest, unveiling the narrative behind Corelle’s potential for crafting more than just the foundation of a meal.


In a general sense, drinkware simply refers to containers or vessels designed for holding and consuming a wide range of Liquids, including water, juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and other beverages.

With this basic understanding, we will now move to understanding all about the Corelle drinkware. The Corelle drinkware isn’t different from the general drinkware definition.

Corelle Drinkware

One important update is that Corelle drinkware comes in various materials, shapes, and sizes, catering to different purposes and preferences.

The common types of Corelle drinkware include:

Corelle drinking glasses set

Corelle stoneware Mugs

Corelle acrylic drinking glasses

For example, the Corelle stoneware mugs are made with ceramic materials; they retain heat well and are ideal for hot beverages.

Corelle mugs are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, sturdy, durable, and perfect for work and home use.

In another vein, other types of drinkware material include;

Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Mug

Stainless Steel: Known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel drinkware is commonly used for travel mugs, water bottles, and tumblers. It’s excellent for keeping drinks hot or cold.

Acrylic Plastic drinking glasses

Plastic: Lightweight and affordable, plastic drinkware is prevalent for outdoor use, picnics, and parties. It comes in various colors and styles but may not be as durable as other materials.

Copper drinking Cups

Copper and Brass: These metals are used for traditional mugs like Moscow Mule mugs.

They have good thermal conductivity, helping to keep drinks cold.

Handmade Wood Wine Glass Cup

Wooden: Wooden drinkware, like beer steins, adds a rustic touch. However, it requires special care to maintain its integrity over time.

Crystal drinking glasses

Crystal: Known for its elegance, crystal drinkware is often used for formal occasions. It is thinner and more delicate than regular glass like Mikasa crystal.


Does Corelle Make Glasses

Yes, the Corelle brand manufactures glasses and they are; the Corelle clear drinking glasses and Corelle acrylic drinking glasses.


The Corelle drinking glasses range from tumblers to wine glasses, they are popularly known for their transparency, allowing you to appreciate the color and clarity of your beverage.

Corelle drinking glasses set

They come in mostly tall slim not bulky shapes, easy to hold or grip with no handles, unlike the Corelle stoneware mugs.

They are not as heavy as the Corelle stoneware mugs so can’t retain heat, and might not hold up under extremely hot temperatures because they might crack.

Corelle drinking glasses are mostly used for drinking water, juice, and other homemade beverages, not necessarily whiskey or alcohol although it depends on your choice.

They are mostly designed with a little flower on the body showcasing a simple classic and modern design, perfect for both formal and casual use.

Finally, hand wash is recommended for durability, care should be applied when using and carrying this drinking glass from one point to the other to avoid breakage.


Do you tend to drop your glass cups? Are you tired of cleaning up broken or shattered glasses? If yes, then you need another option that is unbreakable like plastic.

Have you heard of Acrylic drinking glasses? If not, allow me to introduce you to Corelle Acrylic drinking glasses, just as you trust Corelle’s high-quality dinnerware the same way you should pay attention to their drinking glasses.

Corelle Acrylic drinking glasses

The Corelle Acrylic drinking glasses are made from high-grade plastic that makes them look like glass, providing clarity and greater durability.

Acrylic drinking glasses are shatterproof, a safer alternative to glass especially in outdoor (due to their durability and resistance to breaking) and casual settings.

Corelle Acrylic drinking glasses are lighter than glass, which makes them easy to handle and convenient for various occasions.

Corelle Kyoto Leaves Acrylic glasses

They come in various tall round bases with square shapes, and designs (patterns of flowers and colors) to suit your preferences and styles.

Another excellent feature of the Corelle acrylic glass is that it provides some insulation, helping keep beverages cooler for longer periods but not recommended for hot drinks, this is one of the disadvantages.

Though acrylic glasses are top-rack dishwasher safe, we recommend you wash them by hand only for extra durability.

In addition, they are BPA Free, and eco-friendly as they can be reused reducing the need for disposable cups thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.

Finally, an important quality of the Corelle Acrylic drinking glasses is that they are made to fit various Corelle dinnerware patterns thereby making your dining settings unique, beautiful, appetizing, and colorful.


Having extensively used unbreakable drinking glasses, I can attest to their remarkable durability.

unbreakable drinking glasses

These glasses are typically made from high-quality materials like Tritan plastic or wheat straw which not only gives them the appearance of traditional glass (not all brands) but also ensures they withstand accidental drops and impacts without shattering.

I vividly recall a recent outdoor barbecue that I attended where unbreakable drinking glasses truly demonstrated their resilience.

As guests mingled and laughter filled the air, a sudden gust of wind knocked over a table, sending traditional glassware crashing to the ground.

Plastic Riviera unbreakable drinking tumblers

However, the unbreakable glasses emerged unscathed, standing as a testament to their durability.

For lovers of camping trips, we recommend making unbreakable glasses an essential part of your evening routine around the campfire.

Their ability to withstand accidental slips helps you to enjoy your beverages without the worry of breakage, enhancing the overall camping experience, especially for kids and the elderly.

Furthermore, these unbreakable drinking glasses are eco-friendly, BPA-free, food-grade SAFE, Stackable(saving space), dishwasher safe, microwave safe, fridge and freezer safe.

Eco-friendly wheat straw unbreakable reusable drinking glasses

Unbreakable drinking glasses are made in such a way that they are comfortable to grip, having a natural and ergonomic design, some of them are made with thick and durable wall construction that helps to keep beverages either hot or cold.

You will also enjoy the stable base and smooth rim that clicks well with the mouth or lips.

Suitable for coffee, tea, water, milk, Juice, Soda, and more, enjoy healthy lightweight unbreakable glasses today!

Finally, unbreakable drinking glasses have many applications that highlight their versatility and robustness, offering not just a functional advantage but also peace of mind in various social settings ensuring you enjoy your festivities without interruptions.


All vintage Corelle drinking glasses were manufactured before the year 2000, mostly in the 1970s and 1980s made in the USA by Corning.

They come in simple designs mostly flowers in the middle of the drinking glass with various tiny colors on the flowers, they are transparent and have a well sturdy base for balance.

Vintage Corelle Drinking Glasses

Some vintage Corelle drinking glasses also have a colored tiny circled line close to the bottom of the tumbler and close to the rim of the tumbler.

These vintage Corelle drinking glasses can be held with one hand, perfect for juice, water, and other beverages you so desire.

It can easily complement other brands of drinkware you have in your home or dining, and it will also make a perfect gift for lovers of the Corelle brand.

It is a nice collection to have for individuals who want to bring back nostalgic feelings. I recall clearly before my Grandfather passed away, the Vintage Corelle drinking glass was his favorite, and enjoyed happy moments with his long-time buddy enjoying a sip.

Finally, here are a few examples of the Vintage Corelle drinking glasses include:

Vintage Corelle My Garden Juice Glasses

Vintage Corelle Callaway Green Ivy Tumblers drinking glasses

Vintage Corelle Apricot Grove

Vintage Corelle Blue Hearts Juice drinking glasses

Vintage Corelle Berries and Cherries glasses

Vintage Corelle Holly Days water glasses

Vintage Corelle Black orchid drinking glasses

Vintage Corelle Blue dusk tumbler glasses.

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