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Choosing the proper dinnerware for your house or that special occasion may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be if you know the food to be served, your budget, and what kind of occasion.

While there are many other brands of dinnerware available today, we will be focusing on three popular Indian dinnerware brands that are similar: La Opala, Cello, and Larah by Borosil.

Today, we will determine whether La Opala vs Cello which is better and also see if there is any tangible difference between La Opala vs Borosil.

We can all agree that our lives are going at a breakneck pace, but we should be cautious about the food we eat and, more importantly, the tableware we use, because living a healthy Life requires a combination of the dinnerware and the food.

You may wonder why this is significant and what it has to do with me. One of the primary reasons consumers like La Opala, Cello, and Borosil dinnerware products is that, unlike most manufacturers, they provide safe and healthy dinnerware.

So, hang on whilst we compare all of these similar dinnerware pieces that originate from the same country and are made of the same material – Opalware.


The goal of the La Opala dinner set brand is to provide elegant, safe, and everyday dinnerware for the Indian home at an affordable price.

Truly, every moment you spend at the dining with your family, colleagues, and friends should be special and that’s what La Opala dinnerware is made to do!

La Opala Novo Opal glass dinner set 35 Pcs

La Opala is the first flagship brand of the company and was introduced in 1988 using Opal glass technology in manufacturing.

One feature we love about the La Opala dinner set is that they come in simple designs (floral on a white background), and contoured edges that make them appear modest, modern, classic, and contemporary.

There are many collections of the La Opala dinner set, including; Novo, Classique, Ivory, Cosmo, Quadra, Sovrana, and Velvet collections (their designs and color combinations differ but the quality and features remain the same.

For example, the popular Novo collection of the La Opala dinner set includes the following patterns: Autumn flowers, Trinity green, Vivid green, Eros, English Lavender, Blissful green, and Radiant Curves, etc.

The following are the outstanding features of the La Opala dinner set:

They are dishwasher safe and can withstand thermal shock, pressure, and impact because of the opal tempered glass process involved during manufacturing.

33 Pcs La Opala Anassa Blue Dinner set

They have a non-porous surface because they are fired at high temperatures which further ensures La Opala dinners set are hygienic.

They are super lightweight like Corelle, to know the difference between these two dinnerware, kindly check the La Opala versus Corelle dinnerware set.

They are break-resistant and when they break they shatter into harmless fragments, unlike other glassware brands.

La Opala dinner set is resistant to scratches and abrasions due to the firing controlled condition during manufacturing.

La Opala dinnerware set is microwave safe and bone ash free suitable for vegetarians, unlike Bone china dinnerware sets.


La Opala vs Cello which is better

From our experience, the La Opala and Cello dinnerware share similar material and features therefore no one is better than the other, it ultimately depends on your preference, budget, food, or occasion need and which aligns best with your priorities.

One major feature we can’t take away from both brands is this: The La Opala and Cello dinnerware enhance our dining experience.


La Opala vs Borosil

The major difference between La Opala and Borosil dinnerware by Larah is that Borosil dinnerware is preheated oven-safe but La Opala isn’t.

Aside from this, La Opala and Borosil dinnerware are made of toughened opal glass which makes them, extra strong and long-lasting.

They are also chip and scratch-resistant, 100% food-safe, and will not leach chemicals into your food, they also won’t absorb stains or odors, extremely hygienic, lightweight, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and easy to handle.


The Cello dinner set was established in the year 1962 and is a popular Indian household dinnerware that is also suitable for restaurant and hotel use.

Cello Opalware Imperial Tulip Dinner set

Similar to La Opala and Borosil dinnerware brands, they are food-grade safe dinnerware because their material is 100 % hygienic, has a smooth surface, lightweight like IKEA and Corelle.

They come in beautiful designs with floral settings and intricate patterns that can fit all kinds of table settings and occasions.

The Cello dinner set has high thermal resistance ability, backed by German glass technology.

In addition, the Cello dinnerware is easy and quick to wash by hand, they are also dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Furthermore, they are break, chip, and scratch-resistant dinnerware, non-porous, and come in various shapes, designs, and capacities such as Serving bowls, soup bowls, dinner plates, quarter plates, and oval platters.

Finally, the Opal glass Cello dinnerware sets are perfect for gifting purposes at weddings, anniversaries, or special events.


Larah by Borosil gets its name from Borosilicate Glass; they are a pioneer Borosilicate glass product manufacture side from the Opal glass dinnerware it produces.

 Borosil Dinner set by Larah is an Indian glassware brand that began in 1962; their vision is to make every meal special.

35 Pcs Larah by Borosil Dinnerware set

Their makeup gives the Borosil dinner set the ability to survive day-to-day use.

They come in beautiful simple designs that have floral patterns and would match any table setting especially when you mix them with other dinnerware brands.

Furthermore, Borosil dinner sets are lightweight, easy to handle, chip-resistant, scratch-resistant, odor-resistant, and stain-resistant.

There is no regret in investing in dinnerware that requires slow maintenance, the Borosil dinnerware by Larah is a recommended option.

The popular Larah by Borsoil dinnerware is the 35-piece Borosil Dinner set, the Borosil Dinner set 33 Pieces, the Borosil Dinner set 44 Pieces, and others.

Finally, Borosil dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave-safe, easy to stack, and versatile and multifunctional dinnerware that is appropriate for holidays, indoor home parties, weddings, Christmas, housewarmings, outdoor parties, and other many occasions.


Larah by Borosil and Cello dinnerware brands possess similar qualities and features so selecting the better one all boils down to what aspect of a dinnerware is most important to you.

Is it design? Function? Durability? Budget friendliness or resilience? Your choice will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

So, the final verdict is this: for the Borosil and Cello dinnerware, none is better than the other as it is largely dependent on your decision to select what best suits your taste and lifestyle.


Both the Borosil and La Opala dinnerware can be used every day, and are microwave and dishwasher-safe, safe, non-porous, break and scratch-resistant, which means they will meet your kitchen and home goals in mind.

Therefore, we can agree that either of them will perform excellently well in our dining experience; none is better than the other by a wide margin.

We only recommend you care for them according to the manufacturer’s instructions so they last genuinely.


Cello and Milton dinnerware brands are both made in India, so, before we give a verdict on which is better, let’s first understand the differences between them.

First, Cello dinnerware is made up of opal tempered glass while Milton dinnerware is made up of Melamine.

Cello Opal glass Bowl

Cello dinnerware is safe for microwave use and can resist heat but the Milton dinnerware isn’t safe for use in the microwave and can’t resist heat.

Cello dinnerware is safe for serving hot meals while Milton isn’t safe for serving hot meals as it could leach harmful chemicals into your food because of the makeup of melamine material.

Milton dinnerware set

Cello dinnerware has a translucent or opaque look while Milton dinnerware comes in various colors and appearances depending on the brand.

So, based on the differences above, Cello dinnerware is a better option than Milton dinnerware because they offer a healthy and versatile function more than the Milton dinner brand.


Although La Opala has some degree of break-resistivity it doesn’t mean that it is unbreakable, La Opala will break when smashed against a sharp object intentionally or unintentionally and if it is dropped from a height it may break but won’t break into sharp shreds thereby causing injury.





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