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In this article, we will be exploring which dinnerware set material is best for health.

When we pick the dishes we use for meals, we need to think about what they’re made of.

The materials used for manufacturing these dinner sets can affect our well-being and the world around us.

There are many different choices for dishes, each with its special qualities. Some are old-fashioned, while others are more modern.

Knowing what these things are made of helps us to choose what’s right for us and what’s good for the environment.

As we look at all the various types of dinnerware materials, we will learn why certain dinner sets are safe for our health compared to others.


It is not an easy task to choose an everyday dinnerware but we will try to make this easy for you.

First, we will state the features to look out for when selecting a dinnerware you plan on using daily.

Best dinnerware sets for everyday use by Corelle

Then from the features, you can confidently make an informed decision.

To begin, opt for a dinnerware material that is either made up of bone china, Vitrelle glass, Opal glass, or even high-quality Porcelain.

Lightweight Opal glass dinner set for daily use

Secondly, check if the dinnerware is lightweight, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe so you can easily be carried everywhere with ease, re-heat the food without cracks, and clean up after eating.

Thirdly, opt for a dinnerware that is compact in design, easily stackable, and will save space in your kitchen.

Go for neutral colors or simple white because they can easily blend with different table settings and styles.

Porcelain dinnerware sets for everyday use

Another feature to look out for is the ability to resist stains and scratches.

Determine your budget and find a set that meets your quality and style requirements within that range.

Also, pay attention to reputable dinnerware brands you can trust and that are known for producing high-quality, lead and cadmium-free (non-toxic) dinnerware.

FINAL VERDICT: Based on the features highlighted above, the 3 best dinnerware sets suitable for everyday use are:

Corelle Cherish 16pc, Service for 4, Dinnerware Set, (Dinner Plates and Dinner Bowls).

Home Elves Lightweight Opal Dishes Set Service for 6, (Break and Chip Resistant Glass Plates and Bowls Set).

Porcelain Everyday Casual Dinnerware set for 4, Dishwasher and Microwave safe.


which dinnerware set material is best for health

Here are the 4 dinnerware set materials we recommend that are safe to use and won’t pose a health risk: vitrelle glass dinnerware material, Opal glass, food-grade stainless steel, and lead-free bone china because they are free from toxins and therefore cannot leach harmful chemicals into your food.


Various material plates are good for eating, the two safe options we recommend are food-grade stainless steel plates and lead-free glass plates because they are made up of inert and non-reactive elements that don’t react with food and don’t leach harmful chemicals or toxins into your food, ensuring that your meals remain safe and uncontaminated.

In case you don’t like stainless steel plates, you can go for a Corelle Vitrelle glass plate especially the winter frost white pattern as it offers a non-porous feature and cannot react with your food to leach harmful chemicals into your food because there is NONE.


Ceramic dinner sets are one of the most popular dinnerware sets, it is so obvious that you can find ceramic dinner sets in almost every home.

As you all know, ceramic dinner sets are made primarily by heating non-metallic and inorganic compounds at high temperatures, the result is a durable and hardened form.

Mora Ceramic Bowls and Plates

In other words, we are also safe to say that from the name “ceramic”, ceramic dinner sets are made from ceramic materials.

You can get ceramic in many forms: bowls, mugs, plates, serving platters, and lots more.

There are three main types of ceramics: Earthenware, Porcelain, and Stoneware. Each of these types of ceramics has different properties, for example, Earthenware is less durable, has a rustic appearance, and is porous

While Porcelain is more refined and often whiter and appears more elegant than Earthenware and they are also less porous than Earthenware.

Ceramic dinner sets are used for serving meals and are a staple in households. They’re suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions, depending on the style and design of the set.

They can also be used for heating food in a microwave, though it’s important to check if the set is microwave-safe.

Many ceramics are dishwasher safe, hand wash is also applied to prevent chipping.

One feature you will love about ceramic dinner sets is that they come in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns to suit different preferences and occasions.

In terms of use for health-conscious individuals, it is not all ceramic dinner sets that are lead-free, to avoid potential health risks, kindly pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, and perform due diligence by carrying out an independent lead test to be sure the glaze is lead-free.

Finally, handcrafted ceramics are more unique, fragile, and expensive than mass-produced ceramics.


To begin, the Stoneware dinner set is part of the Ceramic family.

Stoneware is merely a form of ceramic (clay), but it is fired at a considerably higher temperature (about 2,100°F (1,150°C), resulting in a dense and robust product recognized for its strength and chip resistance.

Stoneware tableware is less porous than other ceramics such as earthenware due to the fire process, making it more appropriate for daily use.

Durable Stoneware dinnerware sets

Stoneware dinner sets are extremely adaptable and are frequently chosen for their longevity.

They are appropriate for both informal and formal dining settings and are known for their natural, earthy appearance.

Stoneware can be used in microwaves and ovens, but it’s crucial to double-check that the exact set is microwave and oven-safe.

Stoneware holds heat effectively, which aids in keeping food warm during meals. Stoneware sets are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and designs to suit a variety of tastes and styles.

Stoneware is frequently used for both hot and cold foods, making it suited for a wide variety of meals.

Although many stoneware dinner sets are dishwasher safe, manual washing may extend their life and look.

Although stoneware is less susceptible to thermal shock than other ceramics, significant temperature swings can nevertheless cause fracture.

One downside of stoneware dinner sets is that they should be stacked with protective layers to avoid scratches.

While stoneware is less likely to chip than other ceramics, it is not completely resistant. To avoid chipping, avoid hitting or dropping the pieces.

Finally, as with other ceramics, it is critical to verify that the glazes used on stoneware are lead-free.


Since stoneware dinnerware is such a beauty to behold and would fit all kinds of occasions, it also comes in various designs, shapes, and colors that will grace your dining.

However, finding safe and non-toxic stoneware dinnerware can be a daunting job as most glazes used may contain traces of lead and cadmium.

non-toxic stoneware dinnerware sets

So, it is important to stick with trusted stoneware manufacturers to ensure your health is not at risk.

Below are some recommended non-toxic stoneware dinnerware sets, the majority of them below dinnerware that are made in America:

Bennington Pottery: Founded in 1793, it’s known for producing distinctive stoneware, including decorative pieces and utilitarian items like crocks and jugs that are lead and cadmium-free.

Farmhouse Pottery: They are carefully handcrafted stoneware ceramic wares designed in a traditional, modern, classic, and rustic style that grabs attention.

Emerson Creek Pottery: They specialize in creating functional and decorative ceramics using traditional techniques. Their pieces are known for their rustic charm and intricate designs, often featuring nature-inspired motifs.

Stoneware & Co: The Stoneware & Co Stoneware ceramic America brand is made in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

They specialize in handcrafted stoneware creations. They are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, their pieces showcase durability and timeless design.

Hanselmann Pottery: Hanselmann Pottery is a renowned ceramic/stoneware studio known for its exquisite handcrafted nontoxic pottery creations.

East Fork Pottery: East Fork Pottery is a ceramics company renowned for its handmade stoneware pottery creations. Founded in 2010 by Alex Matisse and John Vigeland.


Since we are looking at the various dinnerware set materials that are safe for our health, it is paramount we look at the various best non-toxic dinnerware brands that offer this feature.

We will also do well to pay attention to the kind of material they are made up of and then connect it to our earlier submission above on the kind of material we stated that is suitable for healthy Living.

See below dinnerware brands that don’t have harmful toxins:

The First is the Corelle non-toxic dinnerware brand, this dinnerware set offers versatility, and 100% lead and cadmium-free material because of their Vitrelle glass patented technology that offers durability and can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Aside from daily use, Corelle dishes are a recommended choice for RV and camping.

Libbey Lead and cadmium free glassware

Another non-toxic dinnerware brand that is safe for use is the Libbey glass dinnerware set which manufactures lead and cadmium-free glasses.

Another American brand that offers lead and cadmium-free dinnerware is the Fiestaware brand, they take pride in manufacturing non-toxic lead-free ceramic glazes that meet FDA standards.

Bormioli Rocco: This brand offers lead and cadmium-free glassware and tableware, including plates, glasses, and jars because they are made from non-toxic Opal glass material, their wine and drinking glass are safe for our health.

Anchor hocking non toxic lead free storage containers

Anchor Hocking’s non-toxic dinnerware brands are made with tempered soda-lime silicate material that offers non-toxicity and can’t leach into our foods or drinks.

Luminarc safe and healthy glasses for drinking

Luminarc: Luminarc is another brand that offers lead and cadmium-free glassware and dinnerware sets because they are made of glass, a natural, non-porous material, which is perfectly safe and hygienic.

HF Coors: takes pride in sourcing all its materials from the USA, they don’t use lead or cadmium in their glazes for the production of their ceramic dinnerware.

In essence, HF Coors manufactures lead and cadmium-free ceramic dishes.   

Duralex: Duralex brand (glass cups, bowls, and dinnerware) specializes in using soda-lime glass created from sand, soda ash, and limestone which are completely lead and cadmium-free.

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