Can Borosilicate Glass Be Used For Candles

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Have you ever seen a candle flickering inside a glass jar, casting a cozy glow across the room?

Now, imagine if that glass could do more than just hold the flame. What if it could make your candle experience even better?

That’s the question we’re diving into today: Can Borosilicate glass be used for candles?

Outside the popular use for lab equipment and household dishes, can Borosilicate glass praised for its toughness and clarity be the perfect match for candle containers?

Choosing the appropriate material for a candle container is essential because, as I know, you want everything to be lovely and perfect—you want to enjoy the ideal candlelight supper or share those wonderful moments with your partner.

If Borosilicate glass can stand up to the challenge, it could mean safer, longer-lasting candles that are also easy on the eyes.

In this exploration, we’ll delve into the world of Borosilicate glass and candles, other heat-resistant glass materials for candles like tempered glass, and look for safety concerns that come into play.

So, let’s light the wick and see if Borosilicate glass is the perfect partner for your favorite candles.


There are different ways you can determine if your glass is safe for candles; the first method is to carefully understand what material the glass material is made up of.

Any material that can withstand heat, especially without expansion or cracking is a good indicator that it can withstand candlelight heat.

Glasseam hurricane glass candle holders

Secondly, pay attention to the glass label (heat resistant glass symbol) attached to the body or bottom of the glass by the manufacturer, this symbol indicates that your glass is resistant and suitable for candle use.

You might wonder what the “heat resistant glass symbol” looks like, it resembles a glass dish or a glass with wavy lines above it, indicating resistance to heat as often found on kitchen appliances.

Always bear in mind if your glass has cracks, imperfections, or any form of imperfection, don’t use them for candles because their integrity will worsen when you expose them to heat and stress.




Can Borosilicate glass be used for candles

Yes, Borosilicate glass can be used safely for candles because its composition is heat-resistant and durable, making it suitable for holding candles without cracking or shattering from the heat.

To use it for candles, simply place the candle inside the glass holder and light it. The Borosilicate glass will contain the heat safely, allowing the candle to burn without risk of damage to the surrounding surface or the glass itself.


As the name implies, heat-resistant glass are glasses that are suitable for holding candles, they can withstand high temperatures without cracking or shattering and they mainly come in either tempered glass or Borosilicate glass material.

heat resistant glass for candles

With Borosilicate glass, the beauty of the candle flame remains visible without distortion.

Another important reason why choosing heat-resistant glass Borosilicate glass is encouraged is because they are resistant to corrosion; it won’t react with the candle wax or oils.

Overall, heat-resistant glass provides safety and longevity for candle holders, allowing you to enjoy the ambiance of candlelight without worrying about glass breakage.

See below examples of tempered glass and Borosilicate glass for candles:


This glass is clear and tall and it’s not your regular candle holder, if you plan on having a glass chimney for a candle, this Borosilicate glass candle holder will do the job perfectly.

Borosilicate glass for candles

They are affordable and create the best ambiance you need for your event.

You won’t forget those beautiful moments in a hurry, this candle holder complies with the Fire Department Open Flame Policy of having open-ended holes on each side

Some people prefer to call them chimney tubes, they are not thin but thick which makes them tolerate and withstand heat from the candle.


This tempered glass is thick and heavy perfect for those who want to make their candles and you are safe when you burn candles in them.

Tempered glass for candles

They are easy to use, especially for kids and adults; you can also organize your craft with this tempered candle glass holder.

Aside from using them for holding candles, they come in handy for other kinds of storage like lotion.

Another special quality about this tempered glass for candles is that you can easily customize the containers for any decorative or branding purposes.

Finally, this set of tempered glass candle jars is designed with lids and comes with all the accessories necessary to make candles, from the wicks to the warning stickers.


Regular drinking glasses do not have the same properties as Borosilicate glass so they can’t be used for putting candles.

The reason is that regular glasses are not heat–resistant and, therefore will crack or shatter due to the heat generated by the candle flame.

However, in rare circumstances, drinking glasses have been used to hold candles, which may be traced back to the manufacturer who specially created and branded the “regular glass” for candle use.

To learn more about the glass and Borosilicate glass properties, kindly read the difference between traditional glass and Borosilicate glass.

Finally, on a general note, it is safer to use glassware specifically intended for candle use like Borosilicate glass to avoid potential hazards.


The easiest way to find out if your glass jar is heat resistant is to first check the material of the glass jar, if the glass jar is made up of Borosilicate or tempered glass, it is heat resistant.

Heat resistant glass jars for candles

Secondly, only purchase trusted brands that manufacture heat-resistant glass jars – this simple feat clears all doubt and keeps you on the right track.

Thirdly, test a small area of the glass by exposing it to heat gradually, such as placing it in a preheated oven at a low temperature for a short period.

If the glass remains intact without cracking or shattering, it’s likely heat resistant.

Always exercise caution when testing glassware and prioritize safety when using it with candles.


As explained above, it is not every kind of glass jar you can comfortably use for candle placeholders; it all depends on the material composition of the glass jar.

If the glass jar is made up of Borosilicate or tempered glass material, then it is safe for candle use.

Are Candles in Glass jars safe

Furthermore, one of the reasons why glass jars are recommended as safe for candle use is that they help to contain the flame, reducing the risk of fire hazards compared to open candles.

A further reminder to remember is to use candles correctly in a glass jar, never leave a burning candle unattended, keep candles away from combustible materials, and position them on a sturdy and strong surface to avoid falling off and causing a fire.

In addition, ensure there is enough ventilation around the candle to prevent overheating of the glass jar.

Regularly check your glass jar for any signs of damage or cracking, and discontinue use immediately.


Candle-safe containers are specially designed vessels that are safe for burning candles. They are typically made from materials like glass, metal, or ceramic.

Metal jar candle containers are mostly used outdoors because of their portability and design, they are also perfect for travel.

Glass candle-safe containers are more popular than other materials and one outstanding quality is that they are transparent, you get a magic feeling from seeing the candle flame shine through the glass providing a love and serene ambiance.

Another safe candle container is stoneware or ceramic material, they can withstand heat, come in various shapes, and add a beautiful appeal to the candlelight.

Why are these candle-safe containers important?

  1. They can prevent accidents like spills and fire hazards as they can contain the flame.
  2. You wouldn’t want your candle to be open; hence they provide a decorative feel to your living room or area.
  3. They help maintain a clean candle environment, and no mess as they help contain the melted wax.

What kind of occasions is candle candle-safe container suitable for?

  1. They are perfect for everyday use, providing warmth and ambiance in living spaces, bedrooms, or bathrooms.
  2. They can be used to create a cozy atmosphere for romantic dinners, intimate gatherings, or celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries.
  3. Candle-safe containers are ideal for outdoor events such as weddings, garden parties, or camping trips, where they provide both illumination and decoration.

Finally, regardless of the occasion, candle-safe containers offer a versatile and safe way to enjoy the beauty and warmth of candles.


Candles can potentially break glass if the glass container is not designed to withstand the heat generated by the candle flame.

Rapid temperature changes or uneven heating can cause stress on the glass, leading to breakage.

It’s essential to use containers specifically designed for candle-making and follow the safety guidelines highlighted above to minimize the risk of glass breakage.

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