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Are you looking to purchase a durable and high-quality food storage container and you are somehow confused about the numerous brands available, amongst them are Tupperware and Rubbermaid?

Nevertheless, have you heard of Sistema food storage containers? Today, we will be comparing Sistema vs Rubbermaid and in our next article we will carefully look at the difference between the Oxo pop brand and Rubbermaid Brilliance.

So, we all know that Food storage containers play a crucial role in preserving and organizing our daily culinary essentials.

These containers are indispensable companions in modern kitchens, addressing the need for convenient, safe, and versatile food storage solutions.

Whether it’s keeping ingredients fresh, storing leftovers, or organizing meal prep, this comparison will assist you in selecting the best and perfect food storage container that will suit your needs.


Rubbermaid food storage containers started in America, specifically in Wooster, Ohio. Today, they have grown into one of the most cherished food storage containers everyone admires.

Rubbermaid food storage

Rubbermaid food storage containers are widely known for their versatility and durability, personally, I have found them functional for multiple reasons.

First, you will love their tight seal design that keeps food fresh and prevents leaks enabling smooth transport of your meals, you can also confidently store leftovers and perform meal preps.

One important feature bout the Rubbermaid food storage container is that they come in various sizes to accommodate your diverse portions, allowing for convenient organization in the fridge, freezer, or pantry.

Rubbermaid food storage containers for lunch, meal prep and Leftovers

You will also fall in love with the transparent plastic used in manufacturing the Rubbermaid brand that allows you to see the content and state of your food.

What’s more? You can use this durable Rubbermaid food storage container for reheating food because it can withstand microwave use.

In addition, they are also dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and made to be stackable thereby saving space in your home.

Examples of the Rubbermaid food storage product lines include:

  • Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food storage container
  • Rubbermaid Brilliance
  • Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Twist & Seal Food storage containers
  • Rubbermaid Premier Easy Find Lids Food storage container
  • Rubbermaid Assorted Food storage container
  • Rubbermaid Produce saver container
  • Rubbermaid Freshworks Produce medium and large storage container
  • Rubbermaid Meal Prep Premier food storage container
  • Rubbermaid Container Brilliance Pantry for food storage etc

Finally, they are easy to use and budget-friendly.


Sistema vs Rubbermaid

Of course, there are certain similarities between the Sistema and Rubbermaid storage brands; nevertheless, no two items are identical in every way.

The following is the distinction between Sistema and Rubbermaid food storage containers:

The Sistema food storage brand is made in New Zealand while the Rubbermaid food storage container is an American Brand.

Sistema food storage containers are mostly made with plastic materials while the Rubbermaid brand is either made with Plastic or glass material.

Sistema Food Storage Container

Sistema containers typically have distinctive locking mechanisms for airtight sealing and often feature colorful designs while Rubbermaid containers also have airtight seals but might have a more diverse range of lids and closure systems for different product lines.

Rubbermaid containers are generally known for their sturdy and durable construction, while Sistema containers are lighter than Rubbermaid and more focused on portability.

Sistema storage container is more budget-friendly than the Rubbermaid brand.

A handful product line of the Sistema food storage container is designed with dividers to accommodate more than one meal, unlike the Rubbermaid which is majorly designed to store one meal at a time.

The Sistema storage container cannot be used in the oven but the Rubbermaid storage containers made of glass are oven-safe.

Sistema food storage container has a children-friendly design meal box especially the Sistema Bento food box with Lids and Dividers compared to the Rubbermaid storage that is predominantly designed for adult use.

One of the Rubbermaid Product Line: the Rubbermaid Premier Storage container’s Lid can stick to its base but the Sistema storage containers don’t have this feature.

Finally, Choosing between the two often comes down to personal preferences regarding design, specific features needed, durability, and budget considerations.”


Sistema Brilliance vs Rubbermaid Brilliance

To begin, do you believe the term “Brilliance” is only applied to the Rubbermaid brand? Guess what, you’re wrong; the Sistema food storage brand also offers a produce line with the same name.

See below the difference between Sistema Brilliance and the Rubbermaid Brilliance storage containers:

The Sistema Brilliance storage container is made in New Zealand while the Rubbermaid Brilliance brand is made in the USA.

The Sistema Brilliance food storage container is made of plastic while the Rubbermaid Brilliance container is either made up of Plastic or glass material.

The Sistema Brilliance storage container comes in only rectangular designs but the Rubbermaid Brilliance brand comes in various shapes including mid-short, medium, tall, and extra-tall pantry shapes and sizes.

The Rubbermaid Brilliance glass storage container can go in the oven but the Sistema Brilliance storage container isn’t suitable for oven use.


I’ve found the Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage container to be an absolute game-changer in my kitchen.

The importance of these containers is unparalleled, especially for preserving food’s freshness and organizing my fridge or pantry.

Their versatility in both storage and serving makes them an indispensable part of my daily routine.

I can’t stress enough how these containers have simplified my life. From meal prepping to storing leftovers, the airtight seal ensures food stays fresher for longer, reducing waste and saving me money.

Rubbermaid 10 Piece Brilliance glass food storage containers

Plus, the crystal-clear design lets me easily see what’s inside without having to open each container, which is a huge time-saver.

The various sizes available cater to all my needs. They’re microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, making them incredibly convenient.

Whether I’m storing soups, salads, or marinating meats, their leak-proof design gives me peace of mind.

The popularity of Rubbermaid Brilliance is no surprise given its fantastic features. The modular, stackable design maximizes space, while the secure latches ensure a tight seal, preventing any spills or leaks.

The durability and quality of materials used also contribute to their widespread appeal.

Here are some of the popular product lines under Rubbermaid Brilliance:

Rubbermaid Brilliance 10 – Piece Set Plastic or Rubbermaid Brilliance 10 – Piece Set Glass

Rubbermaid 10-Piece Brilliance Food Storage Containers with Lids are perfect for Lunch, Meal Prep, and Leftovers.

Rubbermaid 10 Piece Brilliance Plastic food storage container

These Food containers are clear but are light and easy to carry; Stain and Odor-resistant material keeps these glass or plastic food containers looking like new.

Rubbermaid Brilliance 10 -10-piece glass/Plastic Food Storage Containers have crystal-clear lids that are 100% airtight and leak-proof.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry

Specifically designed for dry goods, these containers are perfect for keeping ingredients like flour, sugar, and grains fresh.

They are made with durable Tritan plastic that is shatter-resistant in case of accidental drops.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry food storage container is stackable and space efficient, making it ideal for a well-organized pantry.

Brilliance Food Storage Container (Salad & Snack Set)

Ideal for storing salads, fruits, and snacks, these containers come with specialized trays to keep ingredients separated until ready to eat.

Rubbermaid 42 Piece food storage containers for salad, snacks and other food items

In addition, they come in various sizes suitable for storing different types of food, from small snacks to larger meal portions.

They are made with built-in vents for splatter-resistant microwaving, and the Lids snap together at bases to reduce clutter.

They are BPA–free, microwave and dishwasher-safe, perfect for everyday use.

Overall, the Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage container line has truly revolutionized the way I store, organize, and enjoy my food.


The 3 top or best airtight containers suitable for flour and sugar are:

Best airtight container for flour and sugar
  • Progressive Prepworks ProKeeper 6 Piece Kitchen Clear Plastic Airtight Food Flour and Sugar Storage Organization Container.
  • Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Food Storage Container for Pantry with Lid for Flour, Sugar, and Rice.
  • Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set with Lids for Cereal, Flour &, Sugar – Pantry Organization.

Are you confused when it comes to selecting a high-quality container for your flour and sugar?

Allow me to guide you on how to know which is best for you – saving you time and money.

Rubbermaid Container for Flour and Sugar

You might ask how we came up with the recommended sugar and Flour storage container brands above, well it is because they meet the following criteria or features necessary for a sugar and flour container to have.

See below the most important features every storage container must have to preserve your sugar and flour perfectly:

Airtight storage container for sugar and flour

Airtight Seal: Look for containers with a strong, reliable seal to keep moisture and air out, preserving the freshness of the contents.

Material: Choose containers made of durable, food-safe materials such as BPA-free plastic, glass, or stainless steel.

Size and Capacity: Ensure the containers are spacious enough to hold the quantity of flour and sugar you typically use, but also fit comfortably in your storage space.

Visibility: Opt for containers with a clear design to easily see the contents without opening, allowing you to monitor the quantity and freshness.

Ease of Use and Cleaning: Consider containers with wide openings for easy access and simple cleaning to maintain hygiene.

Stackability and Space-Saving Design: If you plan to store multiple containers, consider ones that are stackable or designed to save space.

Aesthetic and Style: Choose a design that complements your kitchen decor and meets your personal preferences.


Do you want to store or preserve your non-perishable food items over an extended period? If yes, then what you need is a simple food storage container that can comfortably do this

Most times, food items that are preserved for long are dry food like rice (grain) or cereal.

Long term dry food storage containers

These long-term dry food storage containers do not come in small sizes, they are usually large or bulky so they can contain a large amount of your grains, cereal, pasta, or other dry goods.

One unique feature of the long-term dry food storage container is that they are designed to be air-tight preventing moisture and air from getting in.

In addition, these dry food storage containers are usually made of plastic, glass, or metal material.

Extra Large Dry Food Storage Containers

They are also lightweight, transparent, durable, affordable, non-toxic, and non-reactive.

Our top 3 long-term dry food storage containers are:

  • LivLab Rice and Food Storage Container for Household and Kitchen Pantry Organization.

  • White feather Extra Large Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids for Flour, Sugar, and Rice.
Pantry Large storage container for cereal and other dry food
  • 4L Airtight Large Food Storage Containers for Cereal, Flour, Sugar and Rice

To use them effectively, ensure they’re clean and dry before storage, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Regular cleaning with mild soap and water helps prevent odor and contamination.

The key features of a good dry food storage container include a tight-sealing lid, a stackable design, and BPA-free for health safety.

Properly maintaining and using these containers ensures prolonged food freshness and safe consumption.

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