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Can Duralex bowls go in the oven? This seemingly straightforward question leads us into a fascinating exploration of kitchenware versatility and the science behind everyday cooking tools.

Duralex bowls, renowned for their durability and glass-like clarity, are a staple in many kitchens.

However, when it comes to exposing them to the oven’s intense heat, uncertainty often arises.

As we delve into this topic, we’ll uncover the essential factors that determine whether Duralex bowls can handle the heat.

We’ll demystify the intricacies of their composition and the temperatures they can withstand.

Along the way, we’ll also share some tips and guidelines to help you make informed decisions about using these bowls for baking or roasting.

If you’ve ever wondered whether Duralex bowls are compatible with your culinary adventures, join us on this fascinating journey.


One of the easiest and most popular ways to know if your glass bowl is oven-safe is to carefully look out for markings or labels on the bottom of the glass bowl or its packaging.

The moment you see these words: “oven-safe” or a “temperature rating in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius”, it’s safe to use in the oven at or below that temperature.

Finally, if the glass bowl doesn’t have such markings or temperature ratings, it is recommended to avoid using it in the oven to prevent it from shattering due to heat.


Can Duralex Bowls go in the Oven

The standard or popular Duralex mixing bowls can’t be used in the oven rather it is the Duralex OvenChef is designed for oven use because they are made with reinforced tempered glass that can resist thermal shock of 200°C/392°F range in the Oven.


Duralex Ovenchef is one of the product collections of the Duralex glassware brand that offers ease to all your baking and other kitchen needs

With Duralex Ovenchef there is no fear of the bowl shattering because they are made with durable reinforced tempered glass.

The 3 popular Duralex Ovenchef that are suitable for table use are explained below:


The Duralex Ovenchef Oval Roaster is perfect for baking your favorite family recipes to ignite old memories and spread love once again.

Duralex Ovenchef Oval Roaster

It doesn’t have a shallow design, instead, the Ovenchef Oval Roaster is 3.1 Liters in depth and the size dimension is 14.125 X 9.875 inches or 36 X 25cm.

Based on the design of the Ovenchef Oval Roaster, when baking gratins and cheesy casseroles, there is no bubbling over especially because of the depth.

The Ovenchef Oval Roaster Duralex brand has a thermal shock of 200°C / 392 F temperature differentiation and withstands temperatures between -20°C/ -4 F and 300°C/ 572 F.

Made with mechanical shock tempered glass, aside from being safe for oven use, it is also dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

This is the easiest and best baking dish that leaves no residue, easy to clean after use but one drawback is that it is not designed with oven-proof lids.

We highly recommend this Duralex non-porous cadmium-free, safe non-cutting glass that is hygienic.


Duralex Ovenchef Ramekins

The Ovenchef Ramekin is ideal for preparing and serving crème brûlée, soufflé, cheese or egg dishes, poi, desserts, garnishes, and condiments.

The Ovenchef Ramekin can also withstand a crème brulee torch when coming out from the fridge.

This beautiful heavy glass Ramekin is also perfect for cakes and mini bread in a dual Blaze Cosori 6.8 quart air fryer.

The French Duralex tempered glassware material can withstand sudden thermal shock from -4°F to 212°F. Extremely durable, impact and chip-resistant. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Duralex square ovenchef baking dish

Aside from the Ovenchef Square roaster, the Duralex glassware brand also has the Ovenchef Rectangular roaster, One important feature of them both is the depth, perfect for your casserole and other baking needs.

You can bake lasagna to perfection, made with reinforced tempered glass resistant to a thermal shock of 392°F temperature differentiation and withstand temperatures between -4°F and 572°.

Duralex Ovenchef Rectangular Roaster

In case you have a Kitchen Aid toaster oven or Cuisinart air fryer, this Ovenchef casserole dish can fit in with ease.

You will love this elegant large Ovenchef baking dish as it can go from refrigerator to oven and back again

Heats evenly, has smooth glass, and won’t stick to your food, Washing by hand is easy and also dishwasher safe.


Duralex glass bowls are known for their durability and resistance to thermal shock, which means they can withstand a wide range of temperatures but it is the Duralex Ovenchef collection that is heatproof because they can be used in the oven, microwave, and freezer.

The standard Duralex glass mixing and stackable bowls can only be used in the microwave oven and freezer.

However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and avoid exposing all Duralex glassware products to sudden changes in temperature of more than 130°C/266°F.

Secondly, do not use a cracked or damaged Duralex glassware brand to prevent injury, and never scratch the surface of your Duralex glass bowls.


can Pyrex go in the Oven

Yes, Pyrex glass bakeware is generally safe to use in the oven because they are made with tempered soda-lime glass or Borosilicate glass as they can withstand sudden temperature changes.

However, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid sudden temperature changes, such as placing a hot dish on a cold surface, as this can cause the glass to break.

Pyrex deep glass baking dish for oven, microwave and freezer use

Additionally, avoid using Pyrex on direct heat sources like stovetops or broilers, as this can also lead to breakage.

Always check the recommended temperature limits for your specific Pyrex product.


It is not all glass bowls that are oven safe, some glass bowls are good only for mixing, while some are for storage and others for eating.

A critical point to note about glass bowls that are suitable for oven use is to check the material composition and manufacturing procedure of the glass bowl.

Another point to note is to pay attention to Premium brands that manufacture oven-safe bowls to save yourself from any potential hazards.

Examples of glass materials that are suitable and safe for oven-safe use are tempered glass material, Borosilicate glass, Porcelain, Ceramic, Duralex, and Pyrex glass.

In addition, see below recommended bowls made of various materials that are suitable for oven use:

Vumdua French Ceramic Oven Safe Bowl for Onion Soup, Chili, Beef Stew, Cereal, Pot Pies Bowls with Handles.

Simax Casserole Dish with Lid, Oven Table Serving Dish, Microwave, Dishwasher, and Oven Safe Cookware.

LE TAUCI Oven Safe Ceramic Bowls and Ramekins for Baking, Pudding, Serving Dip, Custard, Ice Cream with Lids.

Mora Ceramic Porcelain Oven Safe Flat Bowls For Soup, Salad, Rice, and Cereal.

Oven Safe Glass Cookware Clear Round Glass Casserole Dish with Glass Lid.

Heartland Home Porcelain Mini Casserole Oven Oval Dish

Anchor Hocking tempered glass Round Food Storage Containers for oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer with Blue Snug Fit Lids.

Borosilicate Glass Moss & Stone Oven Safe, & Microwave Safe, Clear Glass Baking Dish.


Just like I said above, the same principle used in asserting if a glass bowl is suitable for oven use, it’s the same rule you apply to know if a glass bowl is suitable for microwave oven use.

So, it is not every glass bowl that is safe for microwave oven use, make sure you only go for microwave oven-safe labeled glass bowls because they are designed to withstand microwave oven heat as they won’t shatter or explode.

Examples of glass bowls that can be suitable for microwave oven use are:

Anchor Hocking 6-inch microwave and dishwasher-safe clear Glass Bowl.

Duralex Microwave Safe Soup Bowl with Handles.

Pyrex Smart Essentials 3-Piece Prepware Dishwasher, Microwave, and Freezer Safe Mixing Bowl Set.

NUTRIUPS microwave and oven safe Glass Bowls Set

Simax Clear microwave and dishwasher-safe Glass Casserole Dish for Cooking, Baking, and Serving.

Libbey Baker’s Basics Glass Casserole Dish with Cover.

Luminarc Stackable microwave and dishwasher-safe Glass Bowl 10-Piece Set.

Reference: Duralex Glassware French Brand

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