Can I Stack an Air Fryer on a Microwave

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I am a fan of order and space hack! I’m not too fond of it when my room, kitchen, or other house areas are unkempt, cluttered, or disorganized.

“I know you’re like me…smiles.” Many of us are seeking ways to save space in our small kitchens, and as new appliances like air fryers gain popularity, you may be asking: Can I put an air fryer on top of a microwave?

Stacking things might seem like an easy solution when space is tight but is it that easy?

Do you need to take any safety measures before piling kitchen or household appliances on top of one another? Are all of the electrical kitchen appliances stackable?

We will also carefully look at the advantages and cons, and you will be able to conclude on the best strategy to follow when deciding whether it is safe to place your air fryer on top of your microwave oven.


The top of an air fryer is not intended to carry other electronic gadgets and placing items on top of an air fryer while it is in operation is not recommended due to the potential risks of obstructing airflow, posing a fire hazard, causing overheating, and hindering the opening of the lid.

Air fryers require proper ventilation and clearance around the appliance to function optimally and safely.

It is advisable to keep the top of the air fryer clear and unobstructed during use to ensure efficient cooking performance and prevent any hazards.

In addition, it is bad practice to put various electronics on top of your kitchen appliance, for instance stacking a toaster oven on a microwave, or blender in operation, or a mixer on top of other heat-like electronics equipment.


Can I put an air fryer on top of a microwave

It is NOT advisable to place an air fryer on top of a microwave when both are in operation because they are both heating home equipment that require proper ventilation to work perfectly, for example, the microwave needs an open space for heat and steam to easily escape.

Another reason why we won’t recommend that you put your air fryer on a microwave in operation is that the weight and heat of the air fryer (when filled with food) over time may damage the top of your microwave.


If you must place your air fryer on top of the microwave, there are some precautions you should take:

To begin, the first place to look is to consult the user manuals of both your air fryer and microwave because some Manufacturers often provide specific instructions regarding placement and stacking of appliances. This option many ignore and overlook.

Cuisinart air fryer oven for roasting, baking and broiling

Kindly ensure there is adequate space (at least 6 inches) between the air fryer and any walls or cabinets to allow for proper air circulation and venting.

Never operate the air fryer and microwave oven simultaneously, as this could lead to excessive heat buildup.

If your microwave has vents on top, do not place an air fryer on top in order not to obstruct air flow although countertop microwaves do not have vents on top.

If by chance, both appliances are in operation, kindly monitor them during operation and discontinue immediately if you notice any overheating, smoking, or other safety issues.

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer dual zone

Consider the weight load capacity of your microwave before placing the air fryer (most weights range from 9 to 15 pounds or 4 to 7 kg) on top to avoid potential damage or tipping.

Assess the weight and dimensions of your air fryer and microwave. Ensure that the air fryer is not excessively heavy for the microwave to support and that it fits securely on top without overhanging.

Check the surface of the microwave to ensure it’s flat and stable enough to support the air fryer securely. Avoid stacking appliances on uneven surfaces or those prone to vibration, as this could lead to accidents.

Ninja air fryer for roasting, reheating and dehydrating meals

Be mindful of the electrical outlets and cords. Ensure that stacking the air fryer on top doesn’t interfere with the microwave power cords or create a tangled mess, which could increase the risk of accidents or electrical hazards.

Lastly, you might consider using a heat-resistant mat or trivet between the air fryer and microwave. This will help protect the microwave from direct heat exposure.


You would think having a kitchen appliance that can perfectly perform two things is scary, no it’s not, thanks to the advancement of science and technology.

You must have heard about the microwave air fryer combo – it is simply a microwave oven that can microwave your food like a regular microwave and can also air fry your food making it crispy and crunch like it was deep-fried but without using a lot of oil, unlike traditional frying pan on a gas stove.

best microwave air fryer combo

For example, let’s say you want to make some crispy chicken wings for your friends.

You can start by putting the raw chicken wings in the microwave part of the machine and defrosting them or partially cooking them. This step is super quick, like a couple of minutes.

Once that’s done, you take the wings out and put them in the air fryer part of the machine.

This part has a fan that blows hot air all around the wings, making the outside get nice and crispy, just like they were fried in oil, but without all that greasy mess.

GE Microwave air fryer combo convection oven

You can set the temperature and time on the air fryer, and in about 20-30 minutes, you’ll have perfectly cooked crispy chicken wings that everyone will love!

The best part? You didn’t have to use a ton of oil or deal with the hassle of deep frying. And you got to use the same machine for both steps, which saves budget and space in your kitchen.

You can do this with all kinds of foods, like French fries, veggie chips, fish fillets, and even baked goods.

The microwave part cooks the inside quickly, and the air fryer part gives you that amazing crispy texture on the outside.


Yes, you can safely place your air fryer on your microwave shelf because they are designed to carry and organize various kitchen and home appliances.

can you put an air fryer on a microwave shelf

In my home, we use a two-step microwave shelf countertop, with my 900-watt Toshiba microwave oven on the ground floor and our air fryer and other small kitchen appliances, such as a blender, on the top.

One thing I like to do is take other appliances out of the way when I want to use my air fryer, then plug it into the nearest electrical outlet.

If your electrical outlet is far away, you can also take it off the microwave shelf, clear your kitchen counter, and put it there safely for a seamless operation.

Microwave and heavy duty kitchen shelf storage

In addition, microwave shelf is made up of either stainless steel or carbon steel material so they can carry the weight of various appliances.

Among these include: microwave shelf stands, microwave shelf wall mounts, and microwave shelves with storage.

Whichever microwave shelf you choose to use—over the stove, over the range, or with a drawer—please make sure you have adequate room for ventilation so that your air fryer can operate.


Yes, you are allowed to put your air fryer on a microwave cart as long as there is sufficient space and the cart is designed to support the weight of your air fryer.

can you put an air fryer on a microwave cart

Microwave carts are similar to microwave shelves, the difference is that microwave cart is designed with wheels to aid easy movement and have a net-like design like baskets made up of stainless steel attached to the sides or used as demarcation on the shelf.

One beautiful feature I admire about microwave carts is their stable and sturdy design; they also have locking casters or rubber feet that prevent them from moving or tipping over when the air fryer is in use.

microwave cart for small spaces

The microwave cart also comes in handy for fruits, toys, and other home and kitchen items.

Finally, we always recommend that the surface of the microwave cart should be heat-resistant, as air fryers can get quite hot during operation.

Avoid placing the air fryer on surfaces that could melt, warp, or catch fire.


Yes, you can safely place an air fryer microwave combo in a cabinet, but there are some important considerations:

Make sure your cabinet isn’t tight, and allow for enough space so that you can easily move the air fryer microwave around, open the door, remove the food, and perform regular cleaning and maintenance.

The cabinets should not be closed, they should be open so that your air fryers get adequate ventilation to allow hot air to escape and prevent overheating.

Don’t place other heating elements or equipment too close to the air fryer, kindly place it below or on top, and if there are no additional steps then make sure you allow for space at least 4 – 6 inches recommended by most manufacturers.

Select a heat cabinet resistance material that can withstand the heat generated by the air fryer microwave during operation.

The cabinet shouldn’t be far from the electrical outlet and make sure the power outlet can accommodate the power requirement of the air fryer microwave.

Finally, read through the user manual to follow other guidelines for installation and clearance requirements to ensure the safe and optimal performance of the air fryer microwave.


Here are some tips for finding a good place to keep an air fryer in a small kitchen:

The first place to take a look is your countertop; do you have some free space? If yes, kindly place your air fryer on top, and make sure you allow for proper clearance especially when you want to use it.

Get a vertical cabinet or shelf; place it in an open area if there is one just make sure the cabinet or shelf can carry and fit your air fryer with some space to spare so that removing and putting it back is easy.

Do you have a fridge or oven in your kitchen, if yes; you can place it on top when it is idle not when you want to operate it.

If floor space allows, a small rolling cart or kitchen island can provide a dedicated spot for the air fryer that can be moved out of the way when not in use.

If your kitchen has fold-down tables mounted to the wall that can provide temporary counter space for appliances like air fryers then feel free to use it.

In all, to get the best out of your air fryer, always place it on a flat heat-safe surface with access to an outlet nearby this ensures proper ventilation around the air fryer during operation.

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