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This is a common search query for people looking for durable dinnerware. Opal glass has grown in favor because of its elegance, affordability, and adaptability, yet consumers continue to have concerns about its fragility.

To assist you in making an informed choice for your dinnerware needs, we are going to address the popular question” Is opal glass breakable” in this post.

We will look at the characteristics of Opal glass and shed light on its breakability.

Read through this post and become confident in your dinnerware choices.


Glass dinner set

Glass is made from a mix of natural materials, mainly sand (silica), soda ash, and limestone. These materials are melted together at very high temperatures and then cooled down to form solid glass.

Sometimes, other substances are added to the mix to give the glass different colors or patterns.

Glass is a hard, transparent, and shiny material that looks like ice but is solid and safe to use for eating and drinking.

A glass dinnerware set is like having a matching group of these see-through dishes for your meals.

Plus, since they’re see-through, you can easily see the delicious food inside them, making your meals feel even more special!

Glass dinnerware sets include; dinner plates, Salad plates, Bowls, Cups, Mugs, and Glasses.

Glass Desserts Plates and Bowls

Glass dinnerware has several advantages. It’s smooth and easy to clean, so you can see if it’s dirty and make sure it’s sparkling clean after washing.

Glass is also safe to use with most foods and drinks, as it doesn’t react with them or add any unwanted tastes.

Additionally, glass is reusable, meaning you can wash it and use it again and again, reducing waste.

To take care of glass dinnerware, you need to be a bit gentle as glass can break if it’s dropped or hit hard.

Also, avoid exposing it to extreme temperature changes, like putting a hot dish directly into cold water, as it could crack. Always hand wash glass dinnerware or use a gentle dishwasher setting to keep them in good condition.

Finally, two brands that stand out when it comes to glass dinnerware are Vitrelle Glass and Opal Glass.

For busy households, Vitrelle is ideal because of its remarkable strength, chip resistance, and lightweight feel. Opal glass, on the other hand, offers a singular balance of toughness and elegance, making it perfect for both informal and formal parties.

Now, think about your lifestyle and tastes before using your magic wand to select your glass dinnerware.

Choose the Vitrelle glass set if you want solidity and style in equal measure. But the Opal glass set is your entrancing option if you want an alluring balance of toughness and sophistication!


Opal glass is 100% durable because it is very strong, and resistant to chips, shattering, and heat stress. It is a great option for long-lasting kitchenware or dinnerware because of its durability and scratch resistance.


Is Opal glass breakable

Yes, Opal glass is breakable, compared to regular glasses, opal glass can endure higher temperatures and rapid temperature changes better.

However, it can still shatter when dropped from a great height or when it comes into contact with a hard surface.


Opal glass dinnerware by Borosil

Dinnerware made of opal glass is not your typical kitchen accessory; it is a lovely fusion of toughness and alluring elegance. Learn how to utilize Opal glass dinnerware in your kitchen and the best Opal glass characteristics for a truly wonderful eating experience!

Below are the beautiful features of Opal glass dinnerware;


Dinnerware made of opal glass is super strong, extremely durable, and chip-resistant thanks to the combination of excellent porcelain and tempered glass in its construction.


Opal glass dinnerware adapts easily to both formal dinner parties and relaxed family meals. It’s ideal for regular use and gives exceptional occasions a dash of refinement.


Take advantage of the ease! Opal glass may be used to bake your favorite foods or reheat leftovers because it is both microwave- and oven-safe.


Dinnerware made of Opal glass is incredibly mesmerizing with its opalescent sheen. Your dining room table is transformed into a place of beauty and elegance by it.


Cleaning up after a delicious meal is simple because of the dishwasher-safe nature of opal glass.


Gibson Opal glass microwave safe, break and chip-resistant dinner plates

Opal glass is microwave safe because of its strong thermal shock resistance and great chemical endurance, which are attributes of the manufacturing process.

According to Bormiolirocco, it is microwave and dishwasher-safe, does not absorb fluids, and does not pick up contaminants.

Opal glass is a good option for every home because the use of microwaves has become a common kitchen device and it is only normal that we use the safest dishes to prevent health problems.


Opal glass is not plastic glass, to be clear. It is a kind of opaque glass created from silica, soda, and boron, which are all natural materials. It differs from plastic in terms of composition and properties and is robust and non-toxic.


Opal glass has several benefits such as microwave safety, extraordinary durability, resistance to chips and breaks, heat resistance, scratch resistance, and a refined appearance.

Additionally, it is non-toxic, environmentally safe, and a flexible alternative for a range of eating and kitchen purposes.


Opal glass has an opalescent or milky-white look, is microwave safe, has remarkable durability, is chip and shatter resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant, and chemical resistant.

It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and excellent for a range of table settings and culinary uses.


Yes, tempered opal glass is oven-safe because its composition material gives Opal glass the recommended heat resistance capacity.

I will go further to explain below;


Tempered Opal glass is created by combining tempered glass with opal particles. Tempered glass is heated to strengthen its strength and resistance to fracture, while opal particles give the glass an opalescent luster and elegance. Tempered Opal glass is more durable than conventional glass due to its composition.


Compared to regular glassware, tempered Opal glass has stronger heat resistance and can sustain higher temperatures. It is safe to use for baking and frying in the oven. Although gentle heating and cooling are encouraged, it’s crucial to keep in mind that excessive and abrupt temperature changes can still harm the glass.


The fact that their goods are oven-safe is frequently stated openly by manufacturers of Tempered Opal glass. They offer recommendations for the highest safe oven temperature and frequently urge staying away from direct contact with flames or extremely hot surfaces.


See the differences between tempered opal glass vs Porcelain;

Tempered Opal glass is composed of silica, soda ash, and limestone while Porcelain is primarily composed of clay, feldspar, and other raw materials.

Tempered opal glass is opaque or translucent, and has a milky-white appearance depending on its thickness and design while Porcelain is usually dense and has a solid, non-translucent appearance.

The tempered Opal Glass manufacturing process involves heating regular glass to a high temperature and then rapidly cooling it to induce compressive stresses on the surface, which increases its strength and safety.

Porcelain is manufactured by forming the clay mixture into the desired shape, drying it, and then firing it at high temperatures in a kiln to achieve the final product.

Tempered Opal glass dishes are largely lighter in weight than Porcelain dishes.

Tempered Opal glass is often used in dinnerware sets, lampshades, light fixtures, and decorative glass applications, while Porcelain is commonly used for tableware, bathroom fixtures, tiles, figurines, and decorative items.

Tempered Opal glass is stronger and more resistant to breakage than regular glass. When it does break, it shatters into small, rounded pieces instead of sharp shards, making it safer for certain applications.

While Porcelain is known for its excellent durability and strength. It is resistant to chipping, scratching, and staining, making it suitable for heavy-use items like dinnerware and bathroom fixtures.


Opalware Dinner Set

Opalware is a unique type of dinnerware made of tempered glass and excellent porcelain. Opalware’s special characteristics—lightweight, chip-resistant, and highly durable—come from this extraordinary union.

Opalware brings a touch of refinement and charm to your dining table with its seductive opalescent shimmer.

Consider a cozy family brunch or a delicious meal with friends as ideal settings for revealing the enchantment of Opalware.

Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for both ordinary dinners and exceptional occasions. Opalware easily enriches the dining experience, whether it’s a substantial soup, a beautiful pasta dish, or a delectable dessert.

Finally, because of some similar characteristics between Opalware and Bone China, dinnerware enthusiasts think they are the same but they are not.

However, whichever you decide to pick, keep in mind that it should be able to meet your desired outcome.


Opalware is manufactured from a unique material combination of exquisite porcelain and tempered glass. Opalware’s unusual traits are due to its unique composition, which makes it a popular choice for dinnerware.

fine white porcelain

Porcelain is a ceramic substance formed of fine clay that is baked at high temperatures. Its smooth and delicate texture lends Opalware an attractive and sophisticated appearance.

tempered Opal glass dinner plate by Bormioli Rocco brand

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that has been heated to a specific temperature. When compared to conventional glass, this procedure reinforces the glass, making it more durable and resistant to fracture.

The combination of these materials results in Opalware, a dinnerware that is lightweight, chip-resistant, and microwave-safe.

The addition of tempered glass to fine porcelain gives Opalware its opalescent shine, making it not only visually appealing but also versatile for both everyday use and special occasions.


Opalware is normally microwave-safe, which will please you as a user.

Its unique combination of tempered glass and exquisite porcelain ensures that it can resist the heating process of the microwave without trouble.

You can use your Opalware dinner set with confidence to reheat leftovers or warm up wonderful foods, making your dining experience simple and convenient. Simply follow the microwave-safe instructions, and you’ll be OK!

Manufacturers of Opalware take considerable care in designing dinnerware that fits the expectations of their customers.

They recognize the importance of ease in the modern kitchen, which is why Opalware is microwave-safe.


Cello Opalware

Cello Opal dinnerware is a really lovely item that comes in two well-designed patterns and several collections.

The following are the ranges of Cello Opalware: The Ariana, Dazzle, Divine, Imperial, Royale, Solitaire, and Zarah series are among examples.

Abstract and flowery patterns can be seen on cello opal ware. Cello Opal ware is lightweight and practical for everyday use.

Cello Opal products are chip-resistant, microwave-safe, and bone-ash-free.

Additionally, it is dishwasher-safe, readily stackable, and stain-resistant.

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