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To begin, the Corelle dinnerware brand is what we term “The Best American Heritage Kitchenware brand”.

As you embark on a culinary journey, one question might pop into your mind: “Is Corelle made in the USA?”

In a world where we have so many dinnerware seeking our attention, the Corelle dinnerware continues to stand because it is where simplicity meets durability, and elegance intertwines with practicality.

Corelle remains renowned for its iconic patterns and renowned craftsmanship and has won the hearts of countless households worldwide.

Delve deeper into the realm of this beloved brand, and you’ll uncover a tale of American origins and manufacturing prowess.

From the humble beginnings of its invention in the 1970s to its rise as a staple in kitchens worldwide, Corelle’s roots run deep in the heartland of the United States.

Join us as we unveil the story behind Corelle’s patriotic heritage, exploring how its products have become synonymous with quality, innovation, and the spirit of American craftsmanship.


Corelle USA refers to the production and manufacturing of Corelle brand dinnerware in the United States.

Corelle is a household name known for its durable and versatile tableware, loved by millions for its unique designs and remarkable quality.

The brand’s roots can be traced back to the 1970s when a revolutionary glass lamination process was developed, resulting in the creation of Corelle’s signature lightweight and chip-resistant dishes.

The production of Corelle dinnerware in the USA is a testament to the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

Corelle Indigo Speckle made in the USA

By manufacturing its products domestically, Corelle maintains strict control over the quality and consistency of its dinnerware, ensuring that each piece meets its high standards.

Corelle’s manufacturing facilities in the United States employ advanced technology and skilled artisans to produce their iconic designs.

From the initial shaping of the glass to the intricate patterns and final finishing touches, every step of the manufacturing process is meticulously executed.

The choice to produce Corelle in the USA not only supports the local economy but also enables the brand to respond quickly to customer demands and maintain a high level of product availability.

American made Corelle dinner plates and bowls

Additionally, Corelle’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its US production, as it reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping.

Overall, Corelle USA exemplifies the brand’s dedication to delivering top-notch tableware, combining quality, style, and a touch of American craftsmanship to adorn dining tables around the world.


Is Corelle made in the USA

Absolutely yes, all Corelle patterns and models which include Corelle Portofino, Corelle County, and Corelle frost white are proudly made in the USA but Corelle mugs and Corelle Stoneware dishes are made in China but with the same standard of the Corelle dishes made in the USA.


Various Corelle patterns are made in the USA, below are some of them;

The popular Corelle winter frost white dinnerware set is lead and cadmium-free

Corelle Portofino 18 Piece Dinnerware set

Corelle Cherish Dinnerware set

Corelle Classic Splendor Dinnerware set

Corelle Mystic Gray 78 Piece Dinnerware set

Corelle Botanical Stripes dinner set

Corelle Square Splendor Dinnerware sets

Corelle Simple Lines, Corelle Simple Sketch dinner set

Corelle Veranda, Corelle Chelsea Rose dinnerware set

Corelle Urban Arc dinnerware set

Corelle Global Collection Northern Pines

Corelle Terracotta Dreams 18 Piece Dinner set

Corelle Atremis, Corelle Tranquil Reflection dinner set

Corelle Kyoto 16 Piece Dinnerware set

Corelle County Cottage, Corelle Everyday Expression, and others.


Corelle Brands, the company behind Corelle dinnerware set, is headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, United States.

Corelle brands manufacture products such as Corelle, Corning ware, Pyrex, Visions, and the Chicago cutlery.


Corelle dinnerware is made up of different patterns, they come in various shapes and they are designed to serve various home and outdoor occasions.

Take for instance, Corelle bowls are specifically designed for soup, the dinner set is for large families while the Corelle plates are for salad and appetizer meals.

Corelle dinnerware Boutique Pattern USA Made

All the same, you can count on Corelle dinner set for all formal and casual dining setting

Your dining stays beautiful and improves your taste buds when the meal is properly presented with a white frost Corelle plate, you can’t resist.

No one enjoys staying long in the Kitchen washing and scrubbing hard surface dinnerware sets, that’s why Corelle remains popular among households as it is so quick and easy to clean with just a wipe, mild soap, or simply use the dishwasher.

Corelle dinner set and plates are known for their durability and timeless design, the composition makes Corelle susceptible to stains, cracks, and chipping

If you are looking to get dinnerware that does not get hot in the microwave, then you will need Corelle because the material which is Vitrelle glass allows for efficient heat retention.

However, the Corelle Brand recommends that you avoid sudden temperature changes as this action might result in thermal shock, and don’t expose any Corelle products to direct heat.

When you keep to all these care and safety rules, am sure your Corelle will last for a long time!

Finally, stacking up Corelle anywhere is a breeze, when you get Corelle dinner sets and Corelle plates, you get affordability, style, and functionality on a platter of gold.


We have been discussing Corelle for a while now and we have agreed that it is one of the best lead-free and safe (non-toxic) dinnerware made in the USA.

One striking thing for most consumers is the affordability, lightweight, and versatility, which you can hardly compare to their dinnerware brands made in the USA.

Dinnerware sets made in the USA are usually crafted using local materials and expertise, showcasing the quality and craftsmanship associated with American manufacturing.

Strict quality rules and standards are followed for all American-made products, especially, dinnerware, food, and kitchen essentials.

These products must be ascertained safe for use by the relevant authorities like the FDA before it is consumed.

So aside from Corelle dishes that are made in the USA, let’s see some other dinnerware brands that are proudly made in the USA;


Nordic Ware American made Dinnerware set

Nordic Ware specializes in producing premium bakeware and kitchenware. While they are known for their baking pans, they also offer beautiful and functional dinnerware sets.

Their products are manufactured in Minnesota, USA.


Fiestaware dinnerware set

The Homer Laughlin China Company produces the popular “Fiestaware” line.

Based in West Virginia, they are one of the largest domestic dinnerware manufacturers in the USA and have been in operation since the late 1800s.

The Homer Laughlin China Company was renamed and is henceforth known as The Fiesta Tableware Company.

The Fiesta Tableware Company continues to operate in Newell, WV, as a retail-only tabletop and giftware manufacturer.


Lenox USA made dinnerware set

Lenox Dinnerware manufactures beautiful and elegant Porcelain dinnerware sets but presently, the Lenox Dinnerware is no longer made in the USA they are now made Overseas, In Malaysia and Indonesia their factory based in Kinston, NC has been closed down.


Heath Ceramics is a tableware and dinnerware accessory company that specializes in manufacturing beautiful handcrafted ceramic dinnerware.

Heath Ceramics is based in the urban core of San Francisco’s Mission district, they have been in operation since 1948 and they are renowned for their timeless designs and commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.


Tervis American Tableware for hot and cold drinks

Tervis is known for its innovative insulated drinkware, but it also offers a range of dinnerware products.

Tervis is a 3rd generation American-owned and operated company renowned for the durable construction of drinkware that has a timeless design with an outstanding insulation quality that has stood the test of time.

Their tumblers and plates are made in the USA and are designed to keep beverages hot or cold. Tervis products are particularly popular for outdoor dining and picnics.

Tervis insulated drinkware delivers the ultimate combination of performance and personality for pure drinking enjoyment.

Tervis American brand has its original manufacturing plant in Osprey, FL but presently its factory is in Venice, Florida, USA.

To learn more, kindly check the top 15 dinnerware brands that are of American origin.


Instant Brands LLC is the owner of the Corelle Brand and also the manufacturer of Corelle dinnerware sets.

In addition, Instant Brands has manufacturing, product development, and distribution operations in the United States and the Asia-Pacific region, and retail channels around the world.


Of course yes, Corelle dishes, plates, and dinnerware sets are still being manufactured but some vintage Corelle dishes and maybe some old Corelle patterns might have been discontinued or manufacturing halted.


As highlighted above, since Corelle has distribution and manufacturing facilities not only in the USA but also in the Asia-Pacific region, the Corelle outlet will be based on your country’s Location.

For those in the USA, below are Corelle’s Outlets as highlighted on their Website;

Corelle Outlet Locations;


3572 Livermore Outlets Drive, Suite 1272

Livermore, CA  94551

(925) 606-1652


1650 Premium Outlets Blvd., Suite 1255

Aurora, IL  60504

(630) 499-5529


4226 N. Harlem Avenue

Norridge, IL  60706

(708) 453-0107


100 Premium Outlets Drive, Suite 530

Blackwood, NJ  08012

(856) 221-8615

Other Corelle outlet locations might include;

Department Store Outlets: Some department stores have outlet branches or sections where they sell discounted merchandise.

Corelle products may be available in these outlets alongside other brands. Examples of department stores with outlet branches include Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th, and Macy’s Backstage.

Corelle products may also be available at outlet malls that feature various brands and stores.

These malls often have a home goods or kitchenware section where you can find Corelle products at reduced prices.

Examples of popular outlet malls include Tanger Outlets, Premium Outlets, and Simon Outlets.

We also have Discount retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross often carry Corelle products at lower prices.

Finally, these stores purchase excess inventory or discontinued patterns, allowing you to find Corelle dinnerware sets and pieces at a reduced cost.


Do you want to purchase various Corelle patterns directly from the manufacturers? If yes, then you need to visit the Corelle Factory outlet online store.

To begin, the Corelle Factory outlet online store offers a wide range of all Corelle products; plates, bowls, mugs, serving plates, and various Corelle patterns.

Be the first to know about Corelle’s new design when you sign up in their online outlet store, classic Corelle products difficult to find in other places can be gotten in the Corelle online factory.

So, what are the other advantages you get shopping from Corelle’s factory online outlet?

First, you will have access to discounted prices compared to regular retail stores.

Secondly, the Corelle factory online outlet also offers promotions, exclusive deals, and discounts on various occasions allowing you to save money while buying high-quality dinnerware.

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping in the comfort of their homes? I guess you do and that’s what Corelle’s factory online outlet offers you!

Another advantage is that you get first-hand authentic information about any discontinued or unique Corelle pattern that you might not find elsewhere.

Finally, Corelle is made out of a unique material called Vitrelle glass and it remains one of the best lightweight dinnerware that can elevate and complement your home and kitchen effortlessly!

We highly recommend this non-toxic lightweight USA-made dinnerware!

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