Is Borosilicate Glass Crystal

Is Borosilicate Glass Crystal

Borosilicate glass is a well-known household name due to its many advantages; it is also useful in a variety of applications, especially in the medical and laboratory sectors. Even though borosilicate glass has many applications, glass enthusiasts remain plagued by two questions: first, is borosilicate glass truly biodegradable, and second, is borosilicate glass crystal? Knowing … Read more


Is Mikasa crystal or glass

Is Mikasa crystal or glass? Or is Mikasa’s collection of glassware made of something else? Mikasa glassware collections have over the years met and surpassed customers’ expectations about their ever-beautiful wine and drinking glassware. So, one of the mysteries we want to solve today is the actual makeup of Mikasa glass, the first was where … Read more


Arcoroc vs Luminarc

Aside from interior decorations and other items, everyone must use dinnerware and drinkware sets for the home to run correctly. While there are many drinkware glassware companies, two that have consistently sparked public interest are Arcoroc and Luminarc glassware, but are they the same? As we look into the comparison between Arcoroc vs Luminarc glassware, … Read more