Why are Dishes called China

Why are dishes called China

Imagine an elegant dining setting: the soft glow of candlelight, the clink of silverware, and the delicate beauty of fine china adorning the table. For centuries, dishes have been more than mere vessels for food—they are symbols of culture, status, and craftsmanship. But have you ever wondered why we call them “China”? Diving into the … Read more

Does Bone China Get Hot in the Microwave

Does Bone China get hot in the Microwave

Have you ever wondered if your beautiful bone china dishes can go in the microwave without getting damaged? Bone china dishes are delicate dinnerware that you use for special dinners or holidays. They’re known for being fragile and elegant. Many people think that putting bone china in the microwave will make it break or get … Read more


which is better ceramic or porcelain dinnerware

I grew up seeing and using ceramic dinnerware daily, they hold precious memories with family members and are even more useful presently in running my kitchen and home affairs. I am sure it’s the same with you. Ceramic dinnerware is divided into three common types; stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware. Since we want only the most … Read more


Is Porcelain Stronger than Stoneware

Is Porcelain stronger than Stoneware? This question captures my interest in the durability of these common household goods. Is your favorite mug at home or dinnerware you received as a present made of porcelain or stoneware? The strength of these materials goes beyond their appearances. As we go through the popular dinnerware types, we’ll uncover … Read more


Is Pfaltzgraff made in USA

Curiosity about where products are made often leads us to explore the origins of everyday items. One such common household item is the Pfaltzgraff dinnerware; So, Is Pfaltzgraff made in USA? Many are still confused about its origin. If you are, then stick around for the answer. One certain thing is this: consumers attach the … Read more