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In recent years, the global push for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional single-use plastics has gained significant momentum.

One popular sustainable and eco-friendly dinnerware is wheat straw and just as we have various brands of dinnerware made in America, do we have wheat straw plates made in USA?

I have experienced the delight of purchasing American-made goods, and three things immediately spring to mind: superior craftsmanship, dependability, and the creation of dishes free of toxins.

Are all of these qualities also applied to wheat straw dishes? Well, that is what we are here to find out.

As always, wheat straw dinnerware offers affordability and ease of use to our modern lifestyle.

Join us as we explore deeper into the fascinating world of these environmentally conscious dinner sets, examining all of the distinctive features.


Yes, wheat straws are perfect for manufacturing dinnerware because they are biodegradable, compostable, and safe for the environment.

Secondly, wheat straw is an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable plates.


Below are the 2 USA owned companies that manufacture their wheat straw products in China:

  • Zlion wheat straw dinnerware
  • Greendish Wheat Straw Dinnerware


Zlion wheat straw tableware was started as a family-owned business in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 2016 but their manufacturing isn’t done in the USA but overseas.

The Zlion wheat straw dinnerware is a 28Pcs set and it contains Premium quality plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery (spoons and knives) with cases.

Wheat straw plates made in USA

Having qualities like Corelle which includes: lightweight, non-toxic, odorless, and BPA-free, a perfect choice for your healthy family!

Heavy dishes are now out of fashion, the new trend is unbreakable dishes lightweight plates for the elderly and kids with special needs.

They are microwave safe, dishwasher and Freezer Safe. You can confidently stack the bowls and plates to save space in your small kitchen or RV/Camping/Picnic.

Another beauty of the Zlion wheat straw dinnerware is that you can transport them without fear of them breaking, cracking, or chipping along the way, they stand strong and sturdy.

When you eat with these premium quality wheat straw plates, you eat clean because they are designed with big lips on the sides so you don’t end up spilling your food, for kids learning how to eat, this is your go-to-friendly, safe dish for toddlers.

The colors of the Zlion beautiful wheat straw dinnerware will certainly complement your dining setting and they hardly diminish.

Finally, this is one of the most affordable wheat straw dinnerware you wouldn’t want to miss, great for daily use, parties, beach, barbeque, and even Montessori.


Greendish wheat straw dinnerware is the second American-owned wheat straw dinnerware brand situated in Los Angeles, according to their website.

However, a closer examination reveals that their production plant is not in the United States; even the location and Google map revealed a building that appears to be a warehouse.

Greendish USA Made wheat straw dinnerware set

So, while the Greendish wheat straw dinnerware is owned by Americans, it is manufactured in China.

Greendish’s main goal is to create sustainable kitchenware solutions that reduce plastic waste and encourage a greener lifestyle.

They are made with high-quality wheat straw fiber which is BPA-free and food-safe PP material.

The Greendish wheat straw dinnerware comes in 4 colors: Gray, Black, Coastal Multicolor, and Beige, whichever you go for, they will complement your indoor or outdoor events.

Some dinnerware is very hard to wash off after use, but not this beautiful easy to clean American Greendish wheat straw dinnerware, perfect for use in the dishwasher or by hand

Unlike poor quality wheat straw that stains easily, the Greendish wheat straw plates hardly stain but we recommend you wash it off fast, especially with oily or acidic foods.

Who says eco-friendly plates have to look boring? Not the Greendish wheat straw dinner set, which appears trendy, combining nature and beauty!

Are you planning a picnic, barbecue, baby shower, party, or camping? Then think of Greendish wheat straw plates.

In addition, it is perfect for use in schools, clubs, restaurants, cafes, bistros, and also for wedding gifts for family or colleagues.

We highly recommend this gluten-free, odorless, and non-toxic American-owned wheat straw dinnerware today!

Other popular and recommended wheat straw tableware for your home, kitchen, and special occasions are listed below:


Who says you can’t have a wheat straw dinnerware that is both functional and fun? This is where the Grow Forward wheat straw brand comes in, they come in various designs like dinnerware sets, Bowls, plates, and even for kids.

Grow Forward Premium Wheat Straw Plates and Bowls Set

Aside from having wheat straw plates and bowls for kids, the Grow Forward Premium wheat straw plates and bowl set come in an adult-sized design that is created for the family.

Nothing gives more joy when you easily wash off or rinse off a serving plate with ease even for greasy or oily foods that’s where the Grow Forward wheat straw dinnerware comes in handy.

Eating healthy mustn’t be expensive because Grow Forward wheat straw dinnerware has made it easy with this affordable eco-friendly dinner set.

Completely unbreakable and disaster-proof kitchenware that will always add a touch of color and charm to your meal time.

Simple but elegant not fluffy, meeting your need even with the microwave, sturdy wheat straw dinner set you will love.

Perfect for everyday use, one disadvantage is that they will scratch when you use sharp utensils on them, so do not use them.


The Pyrmont reusable wheat straw dinner plates come in multiple shades that will complement your dining settings and whet your appetite and that of your guest.

Pyrmont reusable durable wheat straw plates

They are the perfect size needed for serving food, sturdy, microwave, and dishwasher safe. It is designed with a very high Lip that serves as a guard especially when your plate is sitting on your Lap.

Say goodbye to arthritis with this Lightweight eco-friendly dinnerware set, the perfect replacement for heavy porcelain and stoneware dishes.

Never plan your camping, RV, Patio, Entertainment, Poolside Party, or Family reunion without the Pyrmont reusable wheat straw dinner plate set.

Finally, perfect for serving Pizza, Bread And Butter, Fruit, Appetizer, Cake, Cheese, Pasta, Sushi, Desserts, Snack and even Salad.


The Homeish lightweight unbreakable wheat straw plates come in various delightful colors which include Green, Beige, Pink, Yellow, Light Green, Navy, Orange, and Blue.

One outstanding feature of this wheat straw dinnerware is that it is designed with a thick anti-slip bottom that is easy to hold and prevents the plate from slipping off easily.

Homeish microwave and dishwasher safe wheat straw dinner sets

The smooth round edges make it comfortable to hold and feel, unlike other brands that have burrs and edgy marks.

These lightweight non-toxic and 100% BPA-free wheat straw plates will complement your kitchen décor and appear beautiful in every environment.

Just like the Corelle brand, they are easy to stack and great for parties, picnics, camping, home, school, office, outdoors, everyday meals, and traveling.

A great option for corporate promotional gifts and holiday gifts!


Bowls, like plates and other utensils, are necessary. The Wrova wheat straw Bowl is no exception because it is deep enough to minimize spilling, is non-toxic, and is composed of biodegradable material.

Wrova wheat straw bowls set for cereal

The Wrova wheat straw bowl is much lighter than the traditional glass and other types of ceramic dishes. Super quick and easy to clean by hand and the dishwasher.

Easy to stack but we recommend you place a paper towel strip between the bowls so you can easily remove them for use.

Some other brands of wheat straw brands get so hot in the microwave that you need an oven mitt to remove them but the Wrova gets warm when used in the microwave oven but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply caution.

Perfect for eating, oatmeal, serving, salad, mixing, cereal, soup, you name it. Incredibly lightweight and will not break if dropped such a huge advantage for those with weak hands.


This is the best affordable wheat straw plate set to get for your home, as a gift, or when you are planning an outdoor event.

Juvale chip resistant wheat straw plates

In these modern times, safety and the care of the environment are paramount which is why going for high-quality wheat straw material is a must.

The Juvale wheat straw plate doesn’t have the potential to give off harmful chemicals when used in the microwave unlike the melamine dinner set because they are non-toxic and healthy.

So, when used in the microwave oven, they won’t get too hot, the same trait possessed by the Corelle brand that hardly gets hot in the microwave oven.

A sturdy and lightweight eco-friendly choice for arthritis sufferers. The perfect dishes for a camper or travel nursing.

Finally, this is the perfect solution for those who always accidentally drop and break plates all the time.

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