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When it comes to picking plates for your dinner table or even RV, there are two big players in the game, and we’re going to talk about them today.

Imagine you’re setting the table for a yummy meal with your family or friends. What kind of plates do you choose? That’s where IKEA Oftast vs Corelle comes into play!

We can’t argue the fact that they indeed have some similarities but that is not what we are here to talk about.

The truth remains that no matter how good a product is, there must be a competitor or a look-alike giving consumers the power of choice.

So, if you’re curious about which team of plates might be the best fit for your table, keep reading! We’ll compare these plate champs and help you decide which one suits you the best.


Yes, IKEA Plates are durable because they are made from tough materials, designed to withstand common accidents in the home, kitchen, or RV, and coated with a protective layer to keep them looking nice even after many uses.


IKEA plates are not completely unbreakable though they are break and chip-resistant, they do break when they aren’t handled properly.

For example, IKEA plates will break when dropped on hard surfaces like tiles or concrete, If you hit IKEA plates with heavy objects or utensils, they will break

Finally, don’t use them in the microwave for too long above the manufacturer’s temperature and time specification as extreme heat can damage them.


Ikea Oftast vs Corelle

IKEA Oftast and Corelle do have some similarities like tempered glass material, break, and chip-resistant qualities, however, below are the major differences between the IKEA Oftast and Corelle plate:

The IKEA Oftast plate is made outside the USA while Corelle dishes are made in the USA.

In terms of thickness, the standard Corelle dinnerware is thicker than the IKEA Oftast plate.

The weight of the IKEA Oftast plates is more than that of the normal Corelle plates.

Corelle plates are predominantly larger in diameter than the IKEA Oftast plates.

Corelle plates are entirely smooth (back and front) while the IKEA Oftast plates are designed with a rough finish at the back.

The edge of the IKEA Oftast plates is straight while Corelle dishes have a slight leak design at the edge of the plate.

The IKEA Oftast plates are mostly in simple and elegant white designs outside of their kids’ plate while Corelle comes in numerous patterns and colors.

You can get IKEA plates majorly in their online store and designated stores but Corelle can be gotten easily from 3rd parties sellers like Amazon and other places.


The IKEA Oftast brand is made of tempered glass material.


We have learned that IKEA plates are predominantly made of tempered glass but let’s not forget that it is tempered Opal glass at the end of the manufacturing process.

Ikea Oftast Tempered glass Plates

So, what makes IKEA tempered glass plates unique? It is the glass used which is made up of soda, lime, and sand melted at high temperatures.

The tempering process and extra additives give IKEA plates the extra strength and impact resistance they need to be useful for RV or daily use.

Furthermore, although you must use caution, you may transfer the IKEA plate from the freezer to the oven without it cracking.

The diameter of normal IKEA tempered glass plates is 25cm, and they are resistant to rapid temperature changes.

Are you a first-time user? We always recommend washing your IKEA plates before using them.

You won’t lose getting this durable and beautiful plate that can serve for various occasions either casual or special occasions for your important guests and meetings.


Oh yes, the IKEA Oftast plates and bowls are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.


We are all aware that Oftast IKEA Plates are made up of tempered Opal glass but did you know that Oftast IKEA Plates look like elegant porcelain dishes but are not based on material?

IKEA Oftast Plates for kitchen and Dining

Did you know that Oftast IKEA also manufactures plates for toddlers made up of Polypropylene Plastic? They come in beautiful colors that help keep the Toddler glued to their food.

IKEA Plastic Toddler Plates and Bowls

All IKEA Plates are sturdy and can handle everyday use without breaking or losing its qualities.

The Oftast IKEA Toddler plates are easy to use, clean, resistant, and disposable, and perform well when used during picnincs.

Let me also add here that IKEA also manufactures beautiful mugs that come in various colors like Turquoise, White, Dark Gray, and Black, they are made up of various materials like stoneware and tempered glass.

Perfect for morning coffee and other casual indoor drinks.


Corelle plates are special plates made from a strong type of glass. They come in lots of different pretty designs, like patterns or solid colors.

Corelle Square Plates

These plates are tough and don’t easily break or get damaged, which is awesome!

You can use Corelle plates in your microwave to warm up food, and you can even put them in the dishwasher to clean them easily.

They’re also good for stacking, so they don’t take up too much space in your kitchen. These plates are great for all kinds of meals, whether it’s a regular family dinner, a fancy dinner with friends, or even when you have a camping picnic outside.

They look nice and are super functional.


In the introduction, I made mention of Corelle not being the only product with qualities that have made them outstanding for over 40 years, there are other dinnerware brands out there that have similar features like Corelle.

Dishes comparable to Corelle

They might have some little differences as we have seen between IKEA Oftast vs Corelle.

So, in learning about these dinnerware sets, let’s quickly see some qualities they have in common with the Corelle brand.

The dinnerware sets comparable to Corelle are strong, lightweight, can be suitable for microwave use, dishwasher use, can handle changes in temperature, versatile, and made up of tempered glass material that makes them break and chip-resistant.

In addition, dinner sets comparable to Corelle are also non-toxic, non-porous, and safe to eat with.

They hardly leach harmful chemicals into your food and the best part is that they are affordable, If you are on a tight budget, you can still purchase them without breaking the bank.

Finally, examples of dinnerware that are comparable to Corelle that we recommend are as follows:

Pyrex glass dishes

IKEA Oftast plates

Luminarc Plates

Bormioli Rocco tempered Opal glass dishes

Borosil Lightweight Plates

Cello Opalware Plates

Arcopal Tempered Glass Plates

Wheat straw unbreakable Dinnerware.

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