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It is quite difficult in the 21st century not to find Corelle and Pyrex kitchenware in most homes because of their versatility and durability.

It is because of their use, that people think they are the same. In our last post, I carefully unmasked the mystery between Corelle Vitrelle and Livingware, today, we will be looking at Corelle vs Pyrex.

These popular two household dinnerware products are essential to food enthusiasts and Professional chefs because they make their serving, cooking, or baking work easy and fun.

Understanding their makeup and the features they both possess will help you decide when to use or how to use each appropriately to avoid injury or time loss.

Fasten your seat belt as we solve this riddle once and for all.


Pyrex vs Pyrex

Have you ever seen a glass casserole or baking dish explode in the oven or microwave, am sure it’s a scary sight you wouldn’t want to behold again.

Pyrex has always been and will remain a go-to cookware and kitchen household item for most American households who love durable and temperature-resistant cookware, food containers, or baking dishes.

Pyrex Borosilicate glass baking dish

Has the Popular Pyrex lived up to what they say? First, to adequately differentiate Pyrex and PYREX, we have to state here that Pyrex has 2 materials it is made up of; we have Borosilicate glass and the one made with soda lime tempered glass.

Based on this reality, below is the difference between pyrex and PYREX; which also means soda lime glass versus borosilicate glass;

Pyrex soda lime tempered glass baking and casserole dish
  • First, when you see pyrex (small case letters) logo on cookware or any product, it is to say it is made with soda lime tempered glass while PYREX (upper case letters) means that the said product is made with Borosilicate glass.
  • Soda lime pyrex is not recommended for oven or microwave use while PYREX Borosilicate glass can handle microwave and oven use effortlessly.
  • PYREX Borosilicate glass contains a higher percentage of boron trioxide, which gives it a lower coefficient of thermal expansion while pyrex soda-lime tempered glass, on the other hand, contains silica, soda, and lime, making it more susceptible to thermal expansion.
  • PYREX borosilicate glass is harder, stronger, more durable, and more resilient to thermal shock, mechanical stress, and chemical corrosion than pyrex soda-lime glass.
  • PYREX Borosilicate glass has a CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) of 3 or 4 parts per million per 1 Kelvin change (ppm/K) while pyrex soda-lime glass has a CTE of 9 to 9.5 ppm/K.
  • PYREX borosilicate glass can handle sudden and rapid changes in temperature more than pyrex soda lime tempered glass.
  • Soda lime pyrex glass is cheap while PYREX Borosilicate glass is expensive.
  • PYREX Borosilicate glass has better optical clarity and is more transparent than pyrex soda-lime tempered glass, which can have a slight greenish tint.
  • PYREX Borosilicate glass is commonly used in laboratory glassware, cookware, and high-quality glass products while Soda-lime tempered glass, branded as pyrex, is often used in kitchenware and bakeware, such as baking dishes and casserole dishes.


Corelle vs Pyrex

Below are the major differences between Corelle dishes and Pyrex glass;

Corelle is made of glass, specifically a special type of tempered glass that is lightweight, durable, and chip-resistant.Pyrex glass is either made with Borosilicate or soda lime tempered glass.
Corelle is primarily used for dinnerware, including plates, bowls, and mugs. It is designed to be stylish, stackable, and suitable for everyday use.Pyrex is primarily used for bakeware and cookware, such as casserole dishes, baking pans, and measuring cups, as it can withstand high temperatures.
Corelle dishes cannot handle/withstand extreme temperature changes.Pyrex is specifically known for its exceptional ability to withstand extreme temperature changes without breaking, making it ideal for baking and cooking in ovens.
Corelle offers a wide variety of designs and patterns, making it popular for its aesthetics and versatility in table settings.Pyrex bakeware, on the other hand, is usually clear or has simple designs, focusing more on functionality than aesthetics.
Corelle dinnerware is lighter compared to Pyrex bakeware, making it easier to handle and suitable for everyday use.Pyrex glass is heavier than Corelle dishes.
Corelle plates and bowls hardly have plastic lids!Pyrex products are designed with secure plastic lids and perfect for use on the go!


Pyrex and Corningware are both popular brands of glass and ceramic cookware. “Pyrex” is known for its heat-resistant glass kitchenware, while “Corningware” refers to a line of ceramic cookware made by Corning Inc.

Pyrex Corningware Vintage

Kitchen lovers always seek out the vintage products of Pyrex and Corningware because of their versatility and endurance to heat and rapid temperature changes.

These Pyrex Corningware vintage products were made in the 1970s and to date, they stand the test of time.

Secondly, we also note that vintage items often have unique designs, and quality and hold sentimental value for some people.

Vintage Corningware Cornflower Casserole dish

What makes Vintage Pyrex and Corningware special? It is because they are made of a special glass material known as Borosilicate glass, which is known for its durability, heat resistivity, and ability to withstand temperature changes!

Vintage Corningware Pyrex is perfect for use in the oven, range top, microwave, Refrigerator, and freezer.

One distinct quality of Vintage Corningware Pyrex is that they don’t react with acid-based foods unlike some cookware materials, they also don’t absorb food odors or flavors because they are a non-porous glass material.

They are not dishwasher safe, hand wash is highly recommended!

Examples of vintage Pyrex Corningware cookware are;

Vintage Corningware Pyrex Visionware

Vintage Corning Ware SPICE O’ LIFE 3 Quart Covered Casserole w/Lid

Vintage Corning Ware Cornflower Blue Individual Casseroles

Vintage Corning Visions Round Lidded Casserole, Cranberry

Vintage Corning Ware Amana Radarange White w/ Blue Colonial House Browning Skillet Casserole Baking Dish

Vintage Corning Pyrex Cornflower Blue CorningWare Baking Dish

Vintage 1970s Corning Ware Pyrex Microwave fast food Dish

Finally, vintage Pyrex and Corningware cookware are made in the USA.


Corelle Brands presently is owned by Instant Brands, the owner of Instant Pot.


Yes, Corelle dishes are safe for everyday use and our health as they do not leach harmful chemicals into our meals and can withstand the rigors of everyday household and kitchen use.


Corelle and Pyrex are two distinct brands, known for the unique patterns on their products:

Corelle: Corelle is a brand of dishware known for its durable, lightweight, and chip-resistant dinnerware. Corelle patterns come in various designs and styles, ranging from simple and classic to modern and artistic.

Corelle winter frost white Pattern

Some popular Corelle patterns include “Winter Frost White,” “Country Cottage,” and “Old Town Blue.”

Pyrex: Pyrex is a brand of glassware that is heat-resistant and suitable for baking and cooking.

While Pyrex is not specifically known for patterns like Corelle, it has produced various colorful designs and patterns on its glass dishes and bakeware over the years.

Some past Pyrex patterns include “Butter print,” “Primary Colors,” and “Gooseberry.”

Both brands have a rich history of producing quality kitchenware with unique designs that have attracted collectors and users alike.


Corelle Brands, formerly known as World Kitchen, is a company that designs and manufactures kitchenware and household products.

They are known for their Corelle dinnerware made from tempered glass that is resistant to chips and breaks.

The company also owns other well-known brands like Pyrex, CorningWare, and Snapware, offering a diverse range of kitchen products and storage solutions.


To see the various Corelle brand phone numbers for Instant Brands EMEA, Australia, Asia Pacific, and India, Kindly visit; the Corelle Customer Care Center.


No, Corelle isn’t the same as Pyrex though they are from the same Parent Company, Instant Brands, they have different features as explained above.


Both Corelle and Pyrex are under the same Company, Corelle is a standalone brand just like Pyrex, a cookware brand under Instant Brands.

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