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In our last article, we discussed extensively the difference between Duralex and Pyrex, today, we will be uncovering Duralex vs Luminarc glassware brands.

Duralex and Luminarc are two brands that make dishes and glasses for eating and drinking. It’s like comparing two cool superhero teams.

Duralex is known for being super tough and strong, like a superhero with unbreakable skin. Luminarc, on the other hand, focuses on looking nice and pretty, like a superhero with a stylish costume.

People often talk about which one is better, like a big debate about who’s the best superhero.

So, get ready to learn about Duralex’s strength and Luminarc’s style in this glassware showdown!”


Duralex water drinking glass set

There are various patterns when it comes to Duralex glassware brand, we have the Duralex Gigogne glass, Duralex tumblers, Duralex Prisme, Duralex Unie, Duralex Provence, Duralex Cozy Mug, Duralex Manhattan, Duralex Picardie, Duralex Amalfi amongst others.

These various Duralex drinking glasses come in various designs, shapes, weights, and uses, some are perfect for wine, others for beer, and others for water and general household use.

Duralex glasses are made with tempered glass which makes them more resistant to breaking and chipping than normal drinking glasses.

Duralex Provence clear drinking glass tumbler

Their shock resistance is pretty high and can withstand sudden thermal shock from -4 F to 212 F.

One unique feature of Duralex drinking glasses is that they are safe, hygienic, non-porous, and don’t absorb liquids, flavors, or colors and can be used as everyday drinking glasses.

Finally, they are dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave-safe!


Duralex vs Luminarc

For a start, Duralex and Luminarc are both French brand glassware brands, though they have certain similarities, below are the major differences between Duralex and Luminarc glassware:

Luminarc glassware brand products can be used on an open flame and for the oven while Duralex is hardly suitable for the oven and can’t be used on an open flame.

Duralex glassware is made up of tempered toughened glass which may be primarily made up of (silicon dioxide) as the main component, sodium, calcium, and magnesium while Luminarc is made up of 30% recycled scrap glass, 50% sand, 15% soda, and 5% lime and mineral.

Duralex glassware dinnerware sets are mostly clear glass in color while Luminarc dinnerware are translucent in color as most of their dinnerware are made up of opal glass.

Luminarc glassware dinner sets are lighter than Duralex clear glass dinner sets.


Transparent Duralex Picardie Glass set

The Duralex Picardie glass is the most common pattern of the Duralex glassware brand, they come mostly in clear glass, marine blue, and amber colors.

They come in modern and simple designs as emphasis is placed on durability, they also come in unique shapes and curves that can easily fit your hand, and the Picardie Duralex glass is seen as the timeless star.

The Picardie glasses are not big or too small in design, suitable for kids and even the elderly to carry because of their lightweight design.

Duralex Picardie Marine Blue Tumbler

The Picardie glasses are sturdy, when mistakenly dropped, they bounce back because of the tempered glass nature.

Very easy to clean either by hand or using a dishwasher machine. If you are looking for a durable glass that has a great “mouth feel”, this is the answer.

Finally, this perfect size and nice-looking Picardie glass can be suitable for drinking juice, coffee drinkers, water, and other household or even outdoor drinks.


Duralex Clear Tumblers

Duralex Tumblers include the following patterns: Duralex Unie Tumblers, Duralex Manhattan Tumblers, Provence Tumblers, Picardie Tumblers, Prisme Tumblers, etc.

Duralex Tumblers can be used for several purposes like serving all your favorite refreshments, favorite beverages, beer, tea, cold or hot drinks and so much more!

They are easy to clean, easy to hold, and perfect for gifts maybe for weddings or other kinds of ceremonies.

Duralex Tumblers are ultra-strong glassware that can be used as everyday drinkware.

You won’t be sorry if you have these Duralex Tumblers because they make your juice and smoothie drinks delicious for you and your visitors.


IKEA tempered safe drinking glass set

Ikea drinking glasses are mostly clear glasses that appear light, easy to hold, and beautifully designed to be used for various home and outdoor events.

Ikea drinking glasses are elegantly designed to add a contemporary touch to your kitchen and dining area.

Ikea drinking glasses are also called durable, everyday drinking glasses and modern drinking glasses because they are safe from harmful chemicals especially lead and cadmium.

IKEA clear drinking glasses

Easy to clean after use, although handwash is highly recommended, they look too fragile for the dishwasher.

Finally, it is not all Ikea drinking glasses that are microwave-safe, always check the manufacturer’s guide.


The best-tempered drinking glasses are the superheroes of your kitchen cabinet, designed to withstand the toughest challenges of daily use.

best tempered drinking glasses

Tempered glasses are crafted through a special process that involves heating and rapid cooling, creating a fortress of strength.

Say goodbye to fragile glassware – these champs won’t shatter into a million pieces at the slightest bump.

Whether it’s a steamy cup of cocoa or a refreshing iced tea, these glasses have your back.

They’re not just tough, but also stylish, coming in various shapes and sizes to suit your sipping style.

French Bistro tempered all purpose drinking tumblers

Elevate your sipping game with tempered glasses – the unsung heroes of the beverage world!

Below are the best-tempered drinking glasses that can be used every day and are suitable for serving various drinks:

Restaurantware Beverage Everyday drinking tempered glass

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Tempered glass for Beverages and Cocktails

Duralex Prisme Tempered Clear Glass

Anchor Hocking Drinking Glass

Yopay Highball Lead-Free Tempered water glass for Cocktails, Juice and Milkshakes 

Polidream Stylish Tempered Glass Vintage Glassware Tumblers for Juice, Water, Cocktails, Home and Bar Use.

Creativeland Colored Vintage Tempered Glassware Set for Juice, Beverages, Beer, Cocktail

History Company French Bistro Tempered Water Glass (All-Purpose Drinking Tumbler)

Deayou Thick Tempered Glass Tumbler with Heavy Base for Juice and cocktail


Duralex vs Bormioli

Duralex and Bormioli are both well-known brands that specialize in glassware and tableware products. Both are made of tempered glass materials that make them highly durable and resistant to chipping and breaking.

Here are some key differences between the Duralex and Bormioli Rocco glassware brands:

Duralex is a French brand that has been around for decades, known for its classic and simple designs while Bormioli, on the other hand, is an Italian brand that also has a long history of glassware craftsmanship, often with a focus on modern and innovative designs.

Since Bormioli dinnerware sets are made up of tempered Opal glass, they are lighter in terms of weight compared to Duralex clear glass pattern dinnerware.

Finally, Bormioli Rocco Italian glassware brand manufactures storage bottles and Pitchers but Duralex doesn’t manufacture storage bottles and Pitchers.


Bormioli Rocco is a fascinating company that specializes in creating beautiful and functional glassware.

Imagine sipping your favorite drink from a stylish glass – that could very well be a creation of Bormioli Rocco!

With a history dating back to the 19th century, this Italian brand has mastered the art of glassmaking.

From elegant wine glasses that elevate your dining experience to durable jars that keep your pantry organized, Bormioli Rocco crafts glassware that combines artistry and practicality.

Their pieces are found in homes and restaurants around the world, adding a touch of sophistication to every occasion and for everyday drinking glass use.

Whether you’re toasting to success or enjoying a cozy evening at home, Bormioli Rocco’s glassware is there to make each moment a little more special.


Bormioli Rocco Bodega glassware for water, beverage and cocktails

The Bormioli Rocco Bodega collection is one of the popular Bormioli Rocco glass that offers a sleek, smooth, minimalist design and a thick sturdy base.

They are modern and durable drinking glass that comes in sets of 12 or Bormioli Rocco daily ware Bodega glasses set of 16.

Made of tempered glass, they can withstand indoor and restaurant use, café, store, bar, or pub use.

These tempered drinking glasses can be used to enjoy many different kinds of drinks or food, including water, beer, juice, fresh lemonade, refreshments, wine, whiskey, and cocktails.

Bormioli Rocco Bodega glassware collection

We can also say that the Bormioli Rocco glasses are termed the best drinking glasses for everyday use.

You might want to know why users prefer the Bormioli Rocco glassware brand, the reason is that they are resistant to thermal shock up to 230 F/110 C.

In addition, the Bormioli Rocco Bodega tempered glasses are break and chip-resistant and also dishwasher wear.


Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar drinking glasses for soda, juice, milk, beer and spirit

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar is the perfect glass for serving various types of drinks which include: cocktails, long drinks, soda, juice, milk, coke, beer, and even spirits.

These tempered drinking Bormioli Rocco rock bar glasses can be easily stacked on each other, and can withstand impacts and shocks.

This popular Bormioli Rocco glass was designed by French Bistros and café, which is why they meet all your indoor and outdoor needs with ease.

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar cooler glasses

If you are tired of poor-quality glasses that easily break or chip, then you need the Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar glass.

A high-quality and sturdy drinking glass that is perfect to hold, a nice grip for adults.

We highly recommend this durable tempered drinking glass brand that can handle both hot and iced drinks.


Anchor Hocking vs Duralex

Anchor Hocking and Duralex are both well-known brands that produce glassware, but there are some differences between them:

Anchor Hocking is an American brand that offers a wide range of glass products while Duralex, on the other hand, is a French brand famous for its tempered glassware.

Anchor Hocking manufactures a variety of glass products which includes storage containers, glass jars, measuring glass cups, baking, and casserole dishes while Duralex French glassware brand is well known for manufacturing mostly drinking glasses, bowls, and clear glass dinnerware sets.

The Baking and Casserole dishes by Anchor Hocking can go in the oven and have more thermal shock and temperature resistance than Duralex products as most of their products can’t be used in the oven.


Duralex vs Libbey

Duralex and Libbey are two different popular brands that specialize in glassware. Here are some differences between them:

Duralex is a French brand that has been producing tempered glassware since the 1940s they are known for their iconic Picardie glasses while Libbey is an American glassware company with a history dating back to the early 19th century.

Duralex is renowned for its durable tempered glass products, including tumblers, plates, bowls, and glass containers while Libbey offers a diverse selection of glassware, including stemware, barware, dinnerware, and various specialty glass products.

Libbey glass stemware is preferable for wine use than Duralex glassware.

Duralex French glassware brand is predominantly made with tempered toughened glass while Libbey glasses are made with soda lime tempered glass with an addition of ClearFire Formula, which is an innovative glass-making process owned by Libbey.

Libbey glasses are more fragile in design compared to Duralex glasses which are sturdy and somehow bulky.

Libbey glassware is thinner in design, brighter, and has clarity more than Duralex glasses.

Libbey USA glassware brand also manufactures ceramic dinnerware, metallic flatware, serving ware, and even home décor while Duralex focuses only on glass dinner sets, mixing bowls, and drinking glasses.

Duralex products often have a simple and classic design, focusing on functionality and durability while Libbey offers a broader range of innovative, classic designs and styles, catering to different aesthetics and occasions.

Finally, when choosing between Duralex and Libbey, consider your preferences for design, intended use, and budget.

Both brands offer quality glassware, so it ultimately depends on what suits your needs and style best.


Libbey drinking glasses are the epitome of elegance and functionality. Crafted with care, they transform sips into experiences.

Libbey Gibraltar iced tea drinking glasses

Whether it’s a morning juice or a celebratory toast, Libbey glasses elevate every drink. The range offers something for everyone – from timeless, clear designs that suit any occasion, to vibrant, uniquely-shaped glasses that add a pop of personality to your table.

Libbey’s craftsmanship spans decades, rooted in a commitment to quality. These glasses are more than just vessels; they’re a canvas for your creativity.

The clarity of the glass enhances the colors of your beverages, making every sip visually enticing. With a wide array of sizes and styles, Libbey ensures that each beverage is enjoyed to the fullest.

Libbey impression drinking tumbler set

Raise a Libbey glass and make every moment toast-worthy, as you relish the blend of practicality and aesthetics that these glasses bring to your sipping pleasure.

Examples of Libbey drinking glass collection include Libbey Gibraltar tumbler glasses, Libbey Province Tumbler, Libbey heavy base tumbler, Libbey Signature Kentfield all-purpose wine glasses, and Libbey Blue Ribbon impression tumblers.

In addition, we also have Libbey classic smoke drinking glasses, Libbey stemless champagne glasses, Libbey signature Greenwich champagne glasses, Libbey classic Tan tumbler glasses, Libbey vintage juice drinking glasses, and Libbey cobalt flare tumbler glasses, and others.


The Libbey Polaris drinking tumbler is a simple but sophisticated and stylish glassware that is clear, and perfect for all your dining needs and cocktail parties.

Libbey Polaris Tumbler drinking glasses

Libbey Polaris glass will make your cocktail appear nice, it is also designed with a heavy 1-inch thick base for stability.

One excellent feature you would love about the Libbey Polaris drinking tumbler is that it is a lead-free, modern, and durable drinking glass for everyday use.

Easy to clean after use, handwash and dishwasher safe! If you have ever seen or used a versatile drinking glass, then Libbey Polaris stands as number one as it can be used for a variety of beverages (cocktails and mocktails).

Examples of Libbey Polaris collections are Libbey Polaris 16 Piece Tumbler and Rocks Glass set, Libbey Polaris smoke, Libbey Polaris Rock Glass Axis, set of 8.

You will enjoy using this made-in-the-USA everyday drinking glassware, perfect as a gift at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebration.

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