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Are IKEA dishes Lead Free? Today, we have a huge number of dinnerware brands that promise safe and non-toxic dinnerware but do they live up to their guarantee?

Now, imagine for a moment eating from a dinner set that looks beautiful but they have the tendency to harm you, how would you feel using that dish every day, worried I guess?

Now, this is not to get you all worked up because for every problem there is a solution, thank goodness for the great work of the FDA and other agencies ensuring we all stay safe and healthy, especially in this 21st century where we all want things so fast.

Remember, dishes are like your kitchen and home guard dogs, they are your first contact with lead content or other harmful toxins.

Therefore, when you choose dinnerware for any occasion, especially for your family, it is beyond making the food fantastic, you’re also making sure everyone stays healthy and happy.


Of course Yes, IKEA Plates are non-toxic because their plates are made from safe materials that don’t contain harmful chemicals that can get into your food.

Are Ikea Plates non toxic

Secondly, the manufacturing process of IKEA plates is so well planned that there are no hidden additives like harmful glaze, paint, or color, unlike other unsafe dinnerware brands that could mix with your food and cause harm.

Finally, IKEA plates when used in the microwave oven can’t release harmful fumes into your food.

So, you can enjoy your meals without worrying about toxic stuff on your plates.


IKEA Dishes Lead Free

IKEA dishes (including the IKEA Oftast) are lead and cadmium-free because they take great care in producing safe and healthy items by adhering to all safety standards.

All IKEA products are certified to meet all quality and safety standards with the consumer in mind always.


Yes, the IKEA 365 Dinnerware is Lead-free and safe to use for serving food.

Is IKEA 365 Dinnerware Lead Free

In my previous article on the difference between IKEA Oftast and Corelle, I explained that the IKEA brand not only manufactures tempered glass products but also products made up of several ceramic types like stoneware and Porcelain.

Now, this brings us to the IKEA 365 Dinnerware which happens to be one of the most popular dinnerware by the IKEA brand.

For this IKEA 365 dinner set we have, 365 IKEA Bowls, a Plate, an 18-piece 365 IKEA dinnerware set, 365 IKEA Mugs, Drinking glasses, 365 IKEA Flatware, and a Serving Plate.

IKEA 365 Plate

So, the IKEA 365 Lead-free dinnerware set is made up of Feldspar Porcelain not just ordinary Porcelain, the beauty of Feldspar Porcelain is that they are more resistant to knocks and impacts better than other ceramic types.

The IKEA 365 dinnerware set also has a thinner design than earthware and stoneware, they look elegant and ready to be used for that special occasion with important guests.

Are you ready to serve salad? Breakfast? Cereal or even cake? Any delicacy works perfectly, durable porcelain suitable for everyday use.

Their impressive white color makes it easy to match all other dinnerware you have in your closet, easy to use in the microwave, and also hand wash or dishwasher safe if you love cleaning dishes fast.

Finally, the IKEA 365 Dinnerware set never disappoints, available for use 365 days a year!


Yeah, of course, the IKEA 365 Bowl can go in the oven as they are made with Feldspar porcelain which has the tendency to withstand temperature pressure in the oven and they are also designed with the qualities of ramekins in mind.

However, we always recommend you comply with the manufacturer’s instructions on the care and use of the Bowl to prevent any injury.


Yes, IKEA Bowls can withstand freezer use because their makeup can withstand certain temperatures without losing its structure.


IKEA Bowls are made of Feldspar Porcelain which makes them stronger and resistant to cracks and everyday dinnerware troubles.


IKEA Lead Free Mugs

IKEA Mugs are Lead free, We have IKEA mugs that are made up of Feldspar Porcelain and another made up of Stoneware, and all are made to meet their standard food safety requirement.

These Mugs feel good to hold in the hand, perfect for drinks and other casual or outdoor meetings, having a simple design, these IKEA Mugs aren’t too heavy to carry.

Just like their dinnerware counterparts, IKEA Mugs are durable and resistant to impact, they can hold up in the dishwasher and microwave.


According to the IKEA brand, they stopped the use of Lead in their crystal glasses in 1994, presently, IKEA drinking glasses are LEAD AND CADMIUM FREE.


The IKEA Leaf comes in handy for various purposes, first, if you want to have a beautiful design in your room without struggle, you can go for it.


Secondly, the IKEA Leaf serves as a canopy when the overhead light in your room is too bright, this helps to prevent various health issues like headaches and even migraines in severe cases.

If you stay in a crowded environment and maybe one of the occupants is light–sensitive, then he needs a canopy-like material to assist him, not too complicated to mount.

The material is light, easy to wash by hand or machine, and made with 100% polyester, as you already know IKEA doesn’t play around with safety, so yes, the IKEA Leaf is free from any harmful additives or substances.

In addition, the IKEA Leaf can also be a plus for kids or toddlers giving them a cozy environment for reading or playing.

Stop straining your eyes if you work on the computer for long hours, you either get a UV glasses or an IKEA Leaf to help you stay healthy as you work!


Lead and cadmium is a highly dangerous toxic heavy metal that has severe negative health effects when it accumulates over time in the body.

As you already know, Lead-free dishes include bowls, cups, and plates that are without any harmful substance, especially lead.

In this vein, it is vital to use and source for Lead – free dishes, so aside from IKEA dinnerware sets that are Lead and cadmium FREE, we also have other dinnerware brands that are safe for our health, examples are below:

USA Corelle winter frost lead-free dishes

Stainless steel safe food grade dishes

Libbey non-toxic dinnerware

Anchor Hocking lead-free plates

Luminarc lead-free glasses

To see more Lead-free dishes, kindly check: Is Porcelain safe from Lead? and best dinnerware safe material for improved and safe health.

Reference: IKEA Release on Safety Standard

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